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Director of Product @ Reddit. Prev: Pinterest, Twitter, & Google. Write: https://t.co/6Nitu0SqEz

Joined on May 28, 2008

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2020 is and continues to be such a bruiser. Needed this. https://t.co/5EdWuJQF8p

What are folks thoughts on bcc'ing people on email without revealing it? I've generally found that if an organization is trying to foster trust & transparency, this practice totally backfires. I always include [bcc: person X, ...] up top to avoid this. What do others do?

Much thanks to the crew @RoadmunkApp for having me on their product podcast - always fun to talk craft. https://t.co/uEXad63hqs

"Reddit's Stock Threads Become a Must-Read on Wall Street" https://t.co/rPU6SXsQ4r

If MS is leading, don’t think this matters. MS Research is at the forefront of ML & CV. But MS doesn’t have an entertainment vector beyond gaming. Buying TikTok gives them a noteworthy media corpus, slick interface/experience, & a data gathering instrument https://t.co/ingzvhNUak

‘Dune’ Trailer Helps Fans Discover One of Rock’s Most Popular Albums https://t.co/V0HPSKURRn

Tootsie & the craft. Infinite respect. https://t.co/oau7jffmgN

Tootsie & the craft. Infinite respect. https://t.co/oau7jffmgN

Old Larry, you’ve served me well. https://t.co/TfXQUaxLiK

Old Larry, you’ve served me well. https://t.co/TfXQUaxLiK

Netflix’s Reed Hastings Deems Remote Work ‘a Pure Negative’ https://t.co/cMWljm7fDu

I’m snagging one of these first chance I get https://t.co/mV27u357ZM

Finally got around to writing a new post. This one pokes at what’s really at stake with tiktok & govt squabbles: data “going home” https://t.co/paols94R8N

All this chat about TikTok had me thinking of my own experiences with the inverse (taking a US consumer service into China @ Google; ppl forget G had ~20% search share there in '08). What causes governments to bristle & step in - data "going home". https://t.co/paols94R8N

"Groups" on Robinhood feels like such an untapped opportunity for the app. Total single player mode today; but I have countless Telegram & sms threads with friends where we conduct contests, trade tips, etc. Could only further differentiate the service from Schwab, Vanguard...

Quoted @JoeFernandez

Investors trying to sell their two years of experience working at a startup as giving them operational insights 😭. Been a operator for 10+ years and feel like I barely know anything. Takes decades to really understand this game

💯 https://t.co/kutMZj8TzD

If it happens, the MS acq of Tiktok would be a diversification shot in the arm of MS’ online services division. They’d become a major player in the digital ad market overnight, with access to a much younger demo (little overlap w/ LinkedIn & Xbox360). A 4th player would be great.

The unemployed are taking their struggles to Reddit, a ‘beacon of light in this long dark night’ https://t.co/ALJnqCv2Bz

Thanks so much for having me, @productschool! Always fun to talk craft with fellow PMs. https://t.co/WHiSlKctdg

Was just thinking back to when Steve Jobs passed, and how pessimistic many folks were about the ~$300B company’s future at that time (2011). Less than a decade later, Tim Cook’s Apple is closing in on $2T in valuation. Pretty incredible.

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