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Native Californian, oenophile, environmentalist and slave to the wishes of my cat.

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J Waller
4 months ago

#AskAGBarr The Attorney General of the U.S. is supposed to protect the interests of all Americans. Why are you so super focused on protecting the interests of just one person, Trump?

J Waller
6 months ago

This is a big distinction as only a small number of mountain lions are monitored via radio collars.

You do realize that the bankruptcy court must approve those payments as reasonable and necessary?

@SRuhle @SRuhle and @AliVelshi, ask yourself a more important question, why are there so many individuals who serve on the Boards of multiple Fortune 500 companies? Why should a single person be on more than 1 or 2 Fortune 500 Boards? Or more than 4 or 5 non-family Co Boards in total?

This tragedy occurred. CNN's misleading coverage isn't helpful. I just hope that I don't recognize any names amongst the people who perished below deck likely because the fire in the galley prevented their escape.

Can't be locked and that the reason the crew was able to jump off is because the area of the boat that they were in is the top Wheelhouse level. As a diver who is familiar with the layout of similar dive boats in the Southern California area it is difficult enough to know that

Thank you @Christopher. I fear that the new museum building will be rejected as a poor choice within a few years of its opening. An open letter to LACMA architect Peter Zumthor: Stop dissing L.A.’s art - Los Angeles Times https://t.co/2zT0fLIyzL

This may make for lively panel discussions, and the audiences may enjoy hearing same like teenagers gossiping about someone in their school, but it doesn't truly help the country select the best candidate.

Policies or positions on important issues facing our country? The post-debate comments by so many in the media analyze who won or lost based more on style than substance as if the debates were a fraternity or sorority rush or a beauty contest.

If Trump extracts any concessions, he is likely to try the same tactic with other countries and other issues in the future, and possibly with Mexico on the same or new issues. A bully like Trump who succeeds in bullying someone is likely to repeat the same bullying behavior.

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