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Are Joe and Gaga gonna sing Shallow tomorrow or what?

Today, there are no Black women in the U.S. Senate because our nation’s second-ever Black woman senator is now becoming our first-ever Black woman VP. Black women shouldn't have to sacrifice our representation at one table to have a seat at another. Elect more Black women.

I’m not scared of sending risky texts anymore... I said what I said.

yall out here asking why everyone deserves atleast $15 for their labor and not why a single person deserves 100 billion for theirs and that's the problem

Everyone went from “essential workers are heroes” to “$15? Fuck that” real quick.

the key to every girls heart

the key to every girls heart

taxes really HATE single people with no kids bro

Quoted @tennis12007

@TomColeOK04 after voting to overturn election last week call for unity fits new GOP definition of chutzpah. @Martina @StephenAtHome

People only want to move past something when they know what they did is wrong... first accept responsibility and act accordingly, then we can move on.

I swear we are fighting two pandemics Covid19 and Stupidity

Panic buttons were torn out ahead of Capitol riots, says Ayanna Pressley chief of staff

If Jeff Bezos could make the next fire stick remotes bigger than the size of a fucking magic marker that would be great.

Trump responding to press conference questions reminds me of being in high school and adding as many adjectives and nonsensical observations as I could to my paper so I could hit that ever elusive minimum word count requirement. Dude is double spacing his way through his job.

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