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don't blame me, I voted for the email lady

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deliberately spreading covid all the fuck over the country and not giving a shit about it, is that a high crime or a misdemeanor? maybe both? asking for 65 million friends

what kind of shithole country just gives up on fighting a pandemic

vote Joe Biden to make America less batshit insane again

pretty weird how Joe Biden doesn't throw a three-day twitter shit-fit when a reporter asks him a tough question. what game is he playing

thoughts and prayers for the fact checkers

holy fucking shit, the president of the united states is a heartless racist

holy fucking shit, the president of the united states is a gibbering lunatic

this stupid fuck still has no idea how tariffs work

imagine being such a loathsome piece of shit that everyone expects you to disrupt your own debate

I'm tired of being governed by broken psychopaths whose parents were incapable of loving them and so now they're taking it out on the rest of us. on Nov 3rd we can change that

Trump dances like he's trying to shake a fresh turd out of his pants leg

me, 1980: don't worry, Reagan can't possibly win me, 2000: don't worry, Bush can't possibly win me, 2016: don't worry, Trump can't possibly win me, 2020: TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! EVERYBODY GET THE FUCK TO THE POLLS AND VOTE

Donald Trump broke America. took it and smashed it into a million fucking pieces. and now he wants four more years to finish the job. fuck no

Barack Obama, fuck yeah

holy fucking shit, the president's manic bug-eyed butt-dialing day-drunk free TV lawyer is a perv

what kind of shithole president pays more in taxes to China than he does to his own country

imagine being a Trump supporter and having to pretend that this stupid fucking panicked and flailing overgrown diaperload toddler has any plan or any fucking clue at all as to what the fuck he's doing out there

Stormy Daniels told us that Trump finishes early

what kind of shithole crybaby walks out of an interview with Lesley Stahl

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