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The only baby pictures we’re interested in having on our feed #icanteven (Via ig/Kristen.tuttle) https://t.co/HrptVcsore

The only baby pictures we’re interested in having on our feed #icanteven (Via ig/Kristen.tuttle) https://t.co/HrptVcsore

Better love story than ‘The Notebook’ and it’s not even close #icanteven (Via ig/molsonandmaple) https://t.co/vrt3SxFNE1

Watchful protector. No beach has ever been safer #icanteven (Via ig/Hudsonbegood) https://t.co/gqJKkmcynF

Practice makes perfect 🤪#icanteven (Via ig/ericakisler) https://t.co/gXaKP0fybZ

My dude is all gas no brakes 🤣 #icanteven (Via ig/Rupe_there_he_is) https://t.co/udx2mSS8Ub

Barely making it through the day? Second breakfast it is! #icanteven (Via ig/Champgoldenpup) https://t.co/HYf4vDhwEl

Mentally we’re here #icanteven (Via ig/brixbrowsestheweb) https://t.co/Ox499A6WPU

Stealing a goodnight kiss 😅 #icanteven (Via ig/Colinwirth) https://t.co/UDbGbdYxZc

No door stopper? No problem 😂😂😂 (Via ig/erin_mickeyd) https://t.co/SvDXxZoUPY

If the BBQ had one of these you knew it was gonna be a good day #icanteven (Via ig/brixbrowsestheweb) https://t.co/36uYzr7iCM

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face getting out of bed you should stay in bed until it does #icanteven (Via ig/Jahall2007) https://t.co/6qiuM8l8C8

We all have that friend that never says no to dog sitting 😅 tag yours! #icanteven (Via ig/Tyler_williams_615) https://t.co/dKDS1lH77i

Bad to the Bone #icanteven (Via ig/Down_times_) https://t.co/ISquJAPWkS

Summer is over and they’re NOT IN THE MOOD #icanteven (Via ig/that_goon_dc) https://t.co/cDgr5WfCFd

A perfectly executed plan until he lost his nerve 😂 #icanteven (Via ig/Southb_) https://t.co/FKEB64KgSY

Goodboy from Gryffindor grabs the golden snitch #icanteven (Via ig/goldenchilidog) https://t.co/QmYsiBizHD

Can’t teach rhythm like that #icanteven (Via ig/nelson_wallace) https://t.co/babCCxnTIb

Frozen fun in the sun #icanteven (Via tiktok/thegoldenbunch) https://t.co/aSXfODr7rO

Issa Vibe #icanteven (Via ig/brodiethatdood, ig/cliff_breezy) https://t.co/5FfD63nh0z

Afternoon Sunday naps just hit different #icanteven (Via ig/meeting_margo) https://t.co/iPiCqrYG36

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