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Warzone Anti-Cheat be like- https://t.co/lF9jYt0Zlo

5 days ago

Repeat with me: Phones aren’t about cameras. Phones aren’t about processors. Phones aren’t about RAM. Phones aren’t about display. Phones are all about experience. Apple will always win. iPhones will always win. #4a

7 days ago

Quoted @NintendoMetro

Via #NintendoLeaks, an early version of Yoshi in ‘Super Mario World’, with a very different head. Also, it does look like Mario hits its head in order to breath fire! https://t.co/ZGIYFal3ky

Face slapping is the best version. https://t.co/AlON8H2FJ3

9 days ago

شاب أعطى الخبز خبازه. https://t.co/mFihLvsbwT

10 days ago

كل عام وانتم كما تحبون 🤍

14 days ago

Quoted @JGODYT

I dont care what the title of the Next CoD is I dont care who is making it I dont care when it drops I dont care if we get a trailer I dont care if we get a beta I only care that is Fun to Play #CoD2020

This. https://t.co/HdIDe9SRFE

21 days ago

Honey ad. #pleasestop

22 days ago

34 🥇🏆

24 days ago

صباحات ملكيه ♥️ #HalaMadrid

24 days ago

Quoted @ZainHelpSA

@iaymen هلا بك ولا يهمك يا ليت تشرفنا بمتابعه حساب عناية المشتركين @ZainHelpSA وزودنا برقمك في الخاص و مالك الا طيبة الخاطر

رقمي ما فيه مشكله. شبكتكم اللي رايحه وطي. شرفونا براس تنوره و تاكدوا بنفسكم. ما ادري ليه اتابعكم وإذا كان رقمي له اي دخل https://t.co/xjmjBzkenS

25 days ago

Quoted @Alafasy

اللقاءات السرية بين حسن البنا والخميني منذ عام 1938م وتفاصيل مهمة عن العلاقة القديمة بين الإخوان وإيران في هذا الفيديو .. تخفى على كثير من المغيّبين ! https://t.co/aVhmnU8nTD

فيديو مهم جدا عن خطر الاخوان .. https://t.co/Gtu5Mp4cxE

a month ago

Quoted @CNN

In an email to employees, Amazon said that due to "security risks, the TikTok app is no longer permitted on mobile devices that access Amazon email." It's the biggest company yet to warn its employees of TikTok as a possible security risk. https://t.co/b1f5evTr0T

I'm cautiously happy that ticktok will be removed from stores. I'm afraid ticktok content creators will flood other platforms 😭 https://t.co/vQVvDwJxoG


you saved all your items till you needed them and now the game's over. https://t.co/EmfuIsz3G3

So, you saved all your items till you needed them and now the game's over. https://t.co/EmfuIsz3G3

a month ago

don't say anything, just RT https://t.co/7bjYFtpaJX

a month ago

Can't wait to delete modern nightmare https://t.co/pkej8hSGoa

2 months ago

Quoted @iaymen

@razer app in their laptop is probably the worst experience ever. I shouldn't have replaced my Macbook Pro.

It took @razer synapse more than 30 minutes to boot. Thanks Razer. https://t.co/ltO8VXGVeS

أثناء وقوفي على باب مكتب من المكاتب القضائية في أحد أدوار المحكمة العامة بالرياض عام ١٤٢٩ خرج المدعي من المحكمة بعد أن خسر دعواه، والتفت لخصمه و قال له كلمة وقعت مني موقعاً وحفظتها من ذلك الحين: (الغالب بالشرّ مغلوب).

موهبتك وجودة عملك لايبرر سوء أخلاقك.

As an extension to #Facebook's decision to appoint #Tawakkol_Karman among its wise members, I submit a proposal to the company to change one letter to be #fakebook !

2 months ago

كم باقي عالحلقة الاخيره يا ٢٠٢٠؟

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