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political scientist, author, teach at columbia sipa, columnist at time, president @eurasiagroup, @gzeromedia. if you lived here, you'd be home now.

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Familiar with William Evanina? The head of US counterintelligence may be a household name by election day as campaign interference becomes a real possibility. @EurasiaGroup's @lieber2k on US Politics #In60Seconds. More US Politics #In60Seconds: https://t.co/gPnD4IH6pz https://t.co/vCyOUyBfpv

Are you an American hoping to travel internationally? #GraphicTruth @gzeromedia https://t.co/kyeYgRK0DN

Who first figured out you only need to charge people going one way on a bridge/tunnel? That person deserves a prize. #SundayThoughts

November US elections increasingly likely to be unfree and unfair. If they were happening in another country, we would demand international observers.

75 years after the #Nagasaki atomic blast, the overall number of nuclear weapons is decreasing, but the US and Russia continue to modernize their nuclear weapons programs. #GraphicTruth @gzeromedia https://t.co/9oeAehmjz5

Almost 3 years after the fall of longtime strongman Robert Mugabe, #Zimbabwe's woes continue. @gzeromedia https://t.co/nwZ9KTQYdi

Viewership of telenovelas has jumped by 33% on top Mexican channel @TelevistaTV. It is believed the boost has much to do with stay-at-home orders for #COVID19. #HardNumbers @gzeromedia https://t.co/GANdPrMMTJ

A year ago, we knew the world was facing an uptick in infectious disease outbreaks. (Not all of us predicted how big the uptick.) #GraphicTruth @gzeromedia https://t.co/VWKzT13H6r

“What could world leaders do to shorten this global depression? They could resist the urge to tell their people that brighter days are just around the corner. People need leaders to take responsibility for tough decisions." https://t.co/ZmHJx3DMsZ

How did Florida skyrocket from a low number of cases to the epicenter for the COVID outbreak? @vivek_murthy says many states where cases are currently climbing did not heed "the lessons that we learned from New York." #GZEROWorld Watch more @gzeromedia https://t.co/bae5dha9vn https://t.co/yKIHiFbA4T

As the US rushes to reopen schools, what back-to-school strategies can it learn from Israel? My thoughts on a cautionary tale for hurried school reopenings, plus much more on World #In60Seconds. More World In :60 at @gzeromedia: https://t.co/ViXtYr3v43 https://t.co/m4yCTqLXrX

Joe #Biden plans to spend $280 million on campaign ads to defeat Donald #Trump in the US election — who has set aside less than half that amount for ads of his own. #HardNumbers @gzeromedia https://t.co/3JHhZ6boFw

An overall Cold War with China isn’t really possible. The integration between the two economies is too deep. Vested interests in both countries will prevent decoupling. But a technology Cold War is happening right now. And plenty dangerous.

#SriLanka is a strategic gem in the Indian Ocean — and that's why China and India want to have Colombo on their side. @gzeromedia https://t.co/Mh9v7Lh3Ls

We take a look at which countries remain monarchies today, and those that sent their royals packing after World War II. #GraphicTruth @gzeromedia https://t.co/2nWyC6jTyR

French President Emmanuel #Macron has vowed to create "a new political pact" in crisis-hit #Lebanon. Can he deliver, and will the help be enough to save the country? #WhatWeAreWatching @gzeromedia https://t.co/cur4dUc9GN

The new documentary #AThousandCuts focuses on @mariaressa, the Filipina journalist fighting for press freedom under the Duterte government. Ressa, founder of news site @rapplerdotcom, spoke with me on #GZEROWorld. Watch the episode at @gzeromedia: https://t.co/aOHx3RlOs1 https://t.co/LRAU7cwXrJ

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