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LA-based singer, songwriter and producer BLÜ EYES (@iamblueyesmusic) returns with new single “Blessing”. Listen:

If you told me this was LA I wouldn’t believe u ☀️ @ Franklin Canyon Park

In my *natural habitat* ☕️ Making lots of fun things I can’t wait to share with uuuuuuu 💙💙💙 📷: carlyandmartina @ Roo Coffee

A beautiful start to a beautiful new chapter 💙 2020 lookin pretty rad so far 💃 @ Newport Beach, California

The shoot for Drawn to You yesterday was unreal. Such amazing creative energy from every single person on set. We cannot wait to show you what we came up with 💙 THANK you to storyhive for…

Dreaming of this beautiful island today🌅 @ Kaanapali, Hawaii

Aloooooha from paradise 💙🌸 @ Kaanapali, Hawaii

Back on that grind 🤘🏼 And yes, I am in my pajamas @ Newport Beach, California

YOU GUYS! Amazing news. Thanks to all your amazing voting on storyhive , @somnamusic and I get to make a music video for Drawn to You. That’s right - WE WON!! Thank you sooo much to…

Me n my ice cream wanna know - have you voted for the Drawn to You video on storyhive yet today?? If not, go hit the link in my bio! Voting ends TOMORROW so let’s go out with a bang 💥…

Me and my ice cream wanna know - have you voted for the Drawn to You video yet today? ☺️ If not, go hit the link in my bio! Voting ends TOMORROW and don’t forget you can vote once per day…

GUYS! Exciting news - @somnamusic and I are up for a shot at getting $10k in music video funding for our new song Drawn To You, and we need your help to get it! All you gotta do is hit…

Cuddle buddy ☁️ ps thanks for all the love on Drawn To You so far 💙 @ Newport Beach, California

New song out TOMORROW with @somnamusic on @JohannStone. Set your Spotify pre-saves. Get stoked 🙌🏼💥

Sent off half of my heart to San Francisco today. Kill it up there chrisgarwoodmusic - I'll miss you like crazy 💙 @ Golden Gate Bridge

Studio vibe from yesterday ✨ nothing like working with freakishly talented people that also happen to be your friends 👏🏼 emilykocontes @i_am_ellipsis @ Hollywood

New shades + new track out in the universe = happy BLÜ ☺️ who's heard Cloud 9 already?? @ Los Angeles, California

Summer's almost over say what? 😎🍍 ps. Be on the lookout for new sounds this Friday 🙌🏼 @djcolincallahan @breezerecords1 @ Los Angeles, California

Did someone say new music? 💥 MUA: facesbyfefeb 📷: vork22 @ Los Angeles, California

Feelin grateful today. For summer, iced coffee,…

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