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We looked inside some of the tweets by @holden and here's what we found interesting.

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Quoted @MrOlmos

- safety glasses are essential. You don’t want to lose an eye to impact munitions -forget your company slack, start group chats with other journalists in the field -the trauma is different when the violence is against YOU, try not to make too life decisions in the weeks after https://t.co/54ZL4qGeCA

Sergio has been one of the great blessings out here, just relentless, clear-eyed, and I won't say fearless b/c I've seen those videos/photos and only a fool wouldn't fear, but absolutely unstoppable. If he's offering advice, journalists should listen. https://t.co/l4Y4gWR7pL

This is probably a unique problem I'm guessing. I'm staff, it's not part of yearly review etc. It got out of date. So if no tips, I'll take sympathy too, as I try to figure out the 26 different cities I gave workshops at after having turned off Google location tracking in 2015.

So let's say your a person that usually is on subgrants, not lead, and you haven't updated your CV since 2014, and now you have to. Any tips for getting through the slog of figuring out where the hell you've been and what the titles of talks were for the last six years?

Quoted @cyberc00tie

so I was accidentally placed in a group chat with these ladies...and I’m sorry barb... LMAO https://t.co/y50Ke0JoVh

so I was accidentally placed in a group chat with these ladies...and I’m sorry barb... LMAO https://t.co/y50Ke0JoVh

Beautiful https://t.co/h3DrvLGsIE

I do realize I'm likely completely misunderstanding this but in my defense it is Friday and it's been a long week.

Quoted @tressiemcphd

Oh! Please let me academic hijack. :) perceived status is about extrapolating from minorities they see. But what Elijah Anderson called the cosmopolitan canopy is fragile and arguably greatly diminished by another cultural institution: the media. https://t.co/LIqUXC7V7O

The only solution is to launch an A/B test where exurban districts get a The Office reboot from Netflix with either Black or white leads then analyze voting shifts. https://t.co/JH294szS77

I mean if you don't have influence on the things you care about at the table, you take it in the public square. Them's the rules, I didn't make them.

It's really ironic that the one thing that may protect the inauguration and state capitols from violence this weekend or the 20th is Q conspiracists working overtime to convince other Q folks that these are actually "fed honeypot" events.

The 2021 #DLINQDigDetox is live with our first article focusing on the infodemic and, of course, highlighting @holden's excellent SIFT strategies for verifying information the web. https://t.co/jgPUDNKlHB It's not too late to join the 2021 Digital Detox!

Maybe only 1% use reverse image search as a feature. Maybe less. But if one of those using it leaves a comment telling the user that posted that photo they are in error, maybe that photo comes down 30 minutes and 10,000 shares earlier.

But this is a misunderstanding of social software. As Shirky so succinctly put it over a decade and a half ago, the "user of social software is not the individual, but the group"

I suspect the main reason is that platforms are too used to thinking of feature utilization by the general public as the metric, and don't want to clutter an interface with a feature that only 1% of users will use.

But continue to wonder why -- if platforms care about truth -- they don't make platforms that EMPOWER TRUTH-SEEKERS instead of just sharers, commenters, and the like. Why not put the tools in the app?

Ugh. I'm getting mad and maybe being too abrasive. My friend @metaviv reminds me sometimes that my aggravation around these issues might turn some potential tech allies off.

The second is the lack of any reverse image searching capacity. The best alternative is open a tab and describe the picture, which makes it just clunky enough most won't do it.

The first is the removal of "select & search" (select & right-click in browser) which is the quickest way to check things and resolves most issues in seconds. Mobile twitter instead offers a feature where pressing on a tweet copies it to the clipboard (has anyone used this once?)

There are still a couple absolutely dumb things that mobile apps do that basically thwart attempts to check certain classes of stuff on mobile.

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