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I just saw a Trump ad claiming Biden 'doesn't have the strength or mental fortitude to be President'...very untrue...give Trump a ramp and a foreign policy question and we'll see who is qualified....BIDEN 2020!

Why was the pseudo vp in Texas today while the pseudo president off playing golf? I will be glad when this 💩 show is over...BIDEN 2020!!!!

Just an opinion poll...who would you like to see as Biden's Running Mate? I have a possible pick, but want to hear yours!

Please vote in November..let's not subject ourselves to 4 more years of his racism, bigotry and lack of leadership. Vote and send Trump packing! We all deserve a good night's sleep and peace of mind. We are not getting either under this president. Vote!

How dumb is Laura Ingram? She just said on her 'show', 'half the country is on fire'! Where Laura? Are you saying that because the statues of know racists are coming down? Oh, and she referred to Covid-19 as 'hysterics'.🤔

Did Trump say he directed the slow down of testing for COVID-19????? What the hell????? November is coming! BIDEN 2020!

Did Larry Kudlow just say the extra $600 a week will de-incentivize people from going back to work....what an out of touch fool. UE payments in some states is pitifully low and adding $600, still too low for someone to survive on... idiotic and out of touch!😡

Please watch 'Unconscious Bias' hosted by CNN' Frederica Whitfield!

Isn't it amazing how repubs cannot remember the president tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets at peaceful protesters just to get a photo op and they have not heard what Mattis said about him? Are they IN Washington? Are they on this planet? Ignorantly complicit!

What the hell did I just witness in Washington, DC? How come he didn't tear gas and rubber bullet those those holding assault weapons in that state capital?

As a native Philadelphian, my heart breaks to see the city I know and love, just sad. I understand the anger, I do... Philly has its own police brutality skeletons that go back decades...I was detained at age 8 merely walking down the street with my mom in Philly.

The sad part is we have tens of thousands of people who were alive on January 1st but died because he thought it was a hoax, did nothing about this to protect the American people. Hid response? Shift blame and claim to be ingesting a 'cure'. The Jim Jones of today

Rachel Maddow is the best of the best when it comes to reporting, facts and data Ang going in-depth and putting the pieces together! Love Rachel!

Why did Pence not wear a mask today? He is the Head of the Coronovirus Task Force. How irresponsible can he get?

Remind me to never go within 600 miles of South Carolina, Texas, Georgia or Florida...I like my life😷

With every Right comes a corresponding RESPONSIBILITY. Protesters: You are responsible to me and my friends, family and others when choose you protest 'en masse'. Think of others. Your actions could cost one of my loved ones their lives due to exercising your rights. Not okay!

How come the red States refuse to follow common sense? So glad I'm in Illinois and my Governor cares. The state next door? Missouri...well enough said...

Please stop mentioning business! Please concentrate on SAVING LIVES!!!!Open the national stockpile, put people in charge who really know what they are doing and allow Drs and experts who really know what they are doing speak! This is not the Trump show! This is a matter of life!

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