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Hongasandra, Bengaluru South
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#Paytm , I had ordered Fastag almost 10 days back. Got Fastag delivered but a wrong one, my Fastag profile is not created, I raised multiple complaints on app but no success as all are closed without resolution, called multiple times but no answer. Can I get help please?

कान बंद करने से शोर कम नहीं होगा सुशासन बाबू @NitishKumar , हमलोग अंजना को इंसाफ दिलाने के लिए लड़ते रहेंगे हमारा एकमात्र भरोसा अब @CBItweets ही है क्यूंकि बिहार पुलिस बिक गई है @MeeTooIndia @MasalaBai #nirbhayaingaya #JusticeForAnjana #WeWantCBI #BikGayiHaiPolice

Gaya Police threatened, harassed and tortured the sisters and the parents both physically and mentally to force them to confess the fabricated false story. #NirbhayaInGaya #JusticeForAnjana #WeWantJustice

Quoted @NitishKumar

352वें प्रकाश पर्व के अवसर पर तख्त श्रीहरिमंदिर पटना साहिब में मत्था टेकते हुए।

352वें प्रकाश पर्व के अवसर पर तख्त श्रीहरिमंदिर पटना साहिब में मत्था टेकते हुए।

You're a disgrace. Not even a word from you on #JusticeForAnjana Visiting temples, rivers, holy places to impress the fools for election. Ever heard of something called Law and Order? Shameless

आज पतगें नही उड़ पा रही क्योंकि हवाये चल रही बड़ी जोर। आज लड़किया निकलने से घबरा रही क्योंकि फिजाओं में है शोर। सुना है गुनाहगार अब भी सड़कों पे खुलेआम घुम रहे। और पिता अब भी सलांखो के पिछे कैद है करे। #JusticeForAnjana #betibachao #WeWantCBI #ReleaseHerFather #credit-Kr. Loknath

a year ago

Quoted @MasalaBai

Her uncle DMed to say that the family has provided written consent to using her name in placards and posters to help her get justice, reach authorities and help people rally. These are images from Bangalore march

Framed story, only CBI probe is trustworthy. #nirbhayaingaya #justiceforanjana #wewantcbi #Gayabrutality @NCWindia @indiaToday @republic @indiatvnews @zeenews @BBCworld @Dailymirror @Un_Women @NWLC @the_hindu @Telegraph @newyorktimes110 @Nitishkumar @yadavtejashwi

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