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Today, @SpectrumLabsAI announced the close of their $10M Series A. The team's content moderation platform is used to flag and ultimately stop harassment, hate speech, radicalization, and toxic online behavior. We are excited to have led the investment.

Our very own @markterbeek joined @TenOne10's LA Venture Podcast to discuss B2B investing and how we partner with founders from seed to growth at Greycroft. A great listen!

.@markterbeek is a leading B2B investor and on the board of @scopely, @icertis and more.  He shares his current investment theses and explains how @greycroftvc operates as a seed to growth stage venture fund.

.@markterbeek is a leading B2B investor and on the board of @scopely, @icertis and more. He shares his current investment theses and explains how @greycroftvc operates as a seed to growth stage venture fund.

Congratulations to the @HelloCloudPaper team for closing their latest round of funding. We are excited to have led an incredible group of investors including @mcuban, @Benioff, @aplusk, @hadip, @RobertDowneyJr, @ciara, @DangeRussWilson, @dkhos.

Congratulations to @dzohrob, @smock, and the entire team at @ChartableDotCom on closing their well deserved $2.25M Seed round. Techcrunch's @anthonyha covered how their team is reshaping the podcast industry for publishers and advertisers!

Proud of the team @Our_Branch for the launch of @Safety_Nest's latest program to help Americans who have suffered from reduced income or loss of work due to the pandemic. The program helps prevent financial devastation that can result from being uninsured

Congratulations to the team at Behold on their official launch today! We are excited to see the Smart Collab platform come to life and help shoppers discover their personal style.

We are incredibly proud of the @KheironMedical team for winning the U.K. AI in Health Care Award. The recognition will accelerate the rollout and rapid adoption of their Mia platform to address critical challenges in breast screening services in the U.K.

Congrats to the team at @OKplay who launched their app to get kids and parents playing together today. OK Play allows families to enjoy quality time together through in-app activities and real-world play that spark creation, conversation, connection!

Today we are excited to share our commitment alongside @ActOneVC to bringing diversity directly into the cap table and ensuring that we increase the representation of minorities in all VC deals through diversity riders. Thanks to @danprimack for sharing!

A great read in @crunchbasenews this week about how we have stayed active in 2020. Thanks to @ChristineMHall for sitting down with @Sigalow and @ALangeEngel to discuss!

Congratulations to @WayScriptHQ for raising a $5M Seed. The platform enables developers to rapidly turn scripts into internal business applications and write code in a web-based, drag-and-drop scripting environment that displays the output in real-time.

Join @OsmosisMed for their upcoming Ask-Me-Anything featuring @RishiDesaiMD, who used to work as an Epidemiology Intelligence Officer at CDC and has been speaking widely about the pandemic. Join in on Thursday, 08/06 at 9am to discuss COVID-19. Sign up:

This week @ZenBusinessPBC announced the acquisition of fintech platform @JoustBanking. The tie-up brings all-inclusive business banking features to the fast-growing ZenBusiness platform at a time when entrepreneurship is booming!

Congratulations to @LEX_Markets CEO @SterrettDrew for being recognized on this year's Crain's Rising Stars in Real Estate list. The LEX team is helping investors modernize their portfolios by building a first-ever CRE securities marketplace.

We are excited to watch as @PebblePostPDM continues to grow. Congratulations to @jacobaross and the entire team for the launch of Lookalikes. The new product blends online and offline data to reach high-value consumers at home.

Today we are excited about the launch of @getmeemo. The team has built a secure, AI-powered social finance app where your digital wallet meets your everyday life with automatic rewards. Read about the launch in @TechCrunch

Today we announced that we led @OpenpathSec's $36M Series C. Their leading PropTech platform grants employees hands-free access to their offices. In light of COVID-19, the team is on a mission to safeguard the global workforce.

We are proud to have co-led @MedlyPharmacy's $100M Series B alongside @volitioncapital. The Medly team is transforming the pharmacy sector and we are excited to continue to support their mission with this new investment.

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