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We looked inside some of the tweets by @greggutfeld and here's what we found interesting.

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Quoted @jimsciutto

Breaking: US sets new record for coronavirus cases in a single day, with 46,853 new cases reported, according to Johns Hopkins University's tally of cases. According to JHU’s tally, there are at least 2,682,270 cases of coronavirus nationwide.

comparing this to when they weren't testing widely & now we admit people into hospital for other illnesses - unlike before (where they NOW GET tested for covid). how can they tweet this & not feel any desire to explain that?

right now @ScottAdamsSays is running the table on social media, driving faux intellects into a sputtering dead end. they won't see its too late. watching it, is a joy.

Quoted @mikeryan

It would be funny if Scott Adams is just this genuinely nice man hunkered down somewhere writing his heart out on Dilbert and has no awareness there’s someone portraying him as a monster on twitter.

watch abject mediocrities falsely analyze what @ScottAdamsSays is expertly doing - especially to them - is genius.

Quoted @piersmorgan

BREAKING: Just when you thought the news couldn't more depressing...8.3 million guns have been sold in the United States since March, meaning 2020 is on course to be the biggest year for gun sales in American history.

It’s the closest thing I ever took to an actual poll. And this one is real.

The government won't protect u from the mob. Most employers won't protect u from the mob. Advertisers won't protect u either. There's only 1 way to protect oneself from the mob: support those who stand up against the mob. SHARE THE RISK. Cuz there's only going to be more.

maybe @ChrisCuomo should be reminded how he wanted to publicly fight those who threatened his home -as he hands the far more innocent public over to the violent rabble he loves to protect. a turncoat against decent americans; he's using his pulpit to direct anger back at you.

CNN energizes the mob, then mocks their victims trying to figure out a way to protect themselves. Why? what's their end game? I'm curious. Will they ever answer that question? is it just money?

Quoted @stillgray

Black Lives Matter protesters at the NY CHAZ brag about their college educations and mock the police for being uneducated, working class, illiterate rubes. They also call a black cop “black Judas” or race traitor.

the media prefers and protects these cretins over the police, over businesses, over you.

Quoted @W7VOA

According to @NYGovCuomo, @POTUS should 'come clean with the American people" about the #coronavirus threat, and "admit you were wrong."

Thousands of nursing home residents unavailable for comment

TV NEWSER: Fox News host @TuckerCarlson averaged 4.33 million viewers at 8 p.m. in Q2 2020, largest audience in cable news history

Saturday, June 27 Scoreboard: Greg Gutfeld finishes no. 1, both in total viewers and among adults 25-54

Quoted @GailHeriot

Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Sowell. You changed my life and the lives of many others. ⁦@TSowellQuotes⁩ ⁦@johnfund@ThomasSowell⁩ ⁦@TheThomasSowell⁩ ⁦@QuinHillyer@jasonrileywsj#HappyBirthdayThomasSowell

Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Sowell.  You changed my life and the lives of many others. ⁦@TSowellQuotes⁩ ⁦@johnfund⁩ @ThomasSowell⁩ ⁦@TheThomasSowell⁩ ⁦@QuinHillyer⁩ @jasonrileywsj⁩ #HappyBirthdayThomasSowell

happy birthday -- to perhaps one of the most important thinkers alive today

(1/5) This @TheDailyBeast article is based on false, sensational charges -- apparently designed to get clicks, shares, and likes. I haven’t even visited DC since before the pandemic started — let alone been inside the White House. cc: @NoahShachtman

‘The medium is the message’ Marshall McLuhan. Thinking about this quote and how very relevant it is today. The social media medium, the interface itself, has shaped our reality in ways that may take us generations to understand. Your thoughts?

Quoted @RealCandaceO

@marclamonthill @WelkTavarez The best part of this conversation was the fact that it took place. Deeply appreciative of any person (no matter how much we disagree) who has the courage to show up and have respectful dialogue. We will have to do it again in the future!

If I had a network I would put @marclamonthill and @RealCandaceO in a studio and let the cameras role. Every damn night. Probably the healthiest thing for this republic since indoor plumbing.

WATCH: Greg's latest monologue. #Gutfeld

If you missed last night's all new #Gutfeld with @PeteHegseth, @w_terrence, @KatTimpf and @PlanetTyrus, catch the re-air today at 5pm ET on @FoxNews!

brand new @GregGutfeldShow begins in about 75 minutes. which gives you enough time to untie me and let me go. seriously, this was only supposed to be a joke, but my wrists are killing me.

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