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gregg krupa, writer, editor for newspapers, magazines since 1976. tweets #RedWings, hockey, formula one, english premier league, jazz, birds, writing, art...

detroit, mi
Joined on January 21, 2010

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2 hours ago

@greggkrupa Friendly reminder.... when Mr. I took over in 83’ it took them until 87-88’ to be competitive and then till 95’ to be on the playoff rise, nearly 14yrs... that is with 19, 5, 91 drafted. Patience folks 3-4yrs away yet.

@greggkrupa In three years, he might very well come home to a good team. Timing just isn't right

good night! listening to #McCoyTyner, drifting off... peace.

Quoted @EthanMcInchak

@greggkrupa He would be asking a hell of a lot more than what Boston offered to come to Detroit. Money and term.

geez, do ya think?

Quoted @DerrickCSteeves

@greggkrupa I think Krug will do what most players do, whichever team offers the most money, that's where he'll play. I think that's normal. Being from Livonia, and having played for Michigan State, the Red Wings might be attractive to him.

not as attractive as staying in boston and playing with his buddies, or going somewhere and winning a cup.

Quoted @DerrickCSteeves

@greggkrupa Just putting up what I see Gregg. Where do you get 25 Mil from?

other sources and reports

Quoted @mikemacman21

@greggkrupa Zetterberg $6m LTIR also or not counted?

LTIR counts against cap

2 hours ago

@greggkrupa @NHLBruins Signing Krug would be a really bad move, Holland-esque. That is why I am not worried at all that Yzerman will do it.

Quoted @DerrickCSteeves

@greggkrupa The only problem with that, filling gaps on shorter terms, like last season...the Red Wings finished dead last with 39 points. As you know, most drafted players don't come into the League for a few years. That's a lot of lost games over the next few years.


Quoted @DerrickCSteeves

@greggkrupa @NHLBruins Draft and develop alone is a long process. As a Bruins fan, I'd rather we kept Krug at $6.5. If Detroit doesn't take him, someone else will. He's a great PP quarterback and will immediately improve whichever team signs him.

what makes you think krug will "take" #RedWings?

Quoted @DerrickCSteeves

@greggkrupa @Avalanche From what I see on Capfriendly, the Red Wings ($27,375,000) have about 5 Mil more than Colorado ($22,364,405).

COL $25m

Quoted @EthanMcInchak

@DerrickCSteeves @WattHarrison @KeithGave @greggkrupa @NHL @ToreyKrug @DetroitRedWings 27 mil is not going to be accurate after crucial re-signings.

COL, too.

@DedSquid @greggkrupa Well, we're 7 years down, probably another 5 to go. Inevitably, something will have to click or they'll start losing money.

4 hours ago

@greggkrupa Holland tried to reload. It failed. Unless you have a superstar or two, it always will. Wings just waited way too long to start the rebuild so those young guys had good aging players to guide them. Wings chose to try to continue playoff run. This is the inevitable result.

Quoted @XRDSNexusWolf

@greggkrupa A lot of the "holes" could be filled simply by allowing more prospects into their roster, I'd like to see them add players like Hicketts, Svechnikov, Turgeon, Smith, Rasmussen, Veleno, Zadina, Seider, Lindstrom & Cholowski.

hicketts, svechnikov, turgeon and perhaps veleno unlikely to see major TOI in #Detroit, 2020-21. the rest probably will.

Quoted @DerrickCSteeves

@greggkrupa Of course not. That's why I'm asking what Stevie Y should do? Give me some ideas, theorize about potential signings. Who should the Red Wings target as a goaltender? Which defensemen and forwards should he target?

draft and develop. hold off on the six years for $6.5 million, like @NHLBruins reportedly offered krug.

@greggkrupa Steve Yzerman was honest told us to be patient, it's a rebuild 25 years of playoffs, 4 Stanley cups, and the cap. You cannot build through free agency, Larkin, mantha, Hronek, bertuzzi, all draft picks. Need more drafts, picks, and development.

@greggkrupa No, Red Wing fans know there is an ebb and flow. 25 years....TWO AND A HALF DECADES of playoff appearances. 4 cups. Being at the bottom for a handful of years is inevitablity. The rest of the fanbase need to accept it. Wait 2-3 years before drooling over UFAs

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