God Bless Donald Trump

God Bless Donald Trump



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Quoted @crypto_passion

@CottoGottfried Florida in-person EV: Day 2 as of 5:30 PM Rep 134,574 (+38,677) Dem 95,897 NPA/Other 45,604 Total 276,075 Cumulative total (Day 1+Day 2) Rep 287,617 (+39,105) Dem 248,512 NPA/Other 103,831 Total 639,960

Splendid! https://t.co/ygctSRJx3G

BREAKING: “Democrats are poring over early vote totals, circulating anxiety-ridden campaign memos & bracing for a long two weeks," POLITICO is reporting, as Republicans take lead among early & mail-in voting in Michigan & overwhelmingly in TX, as Dem youth vote crashes in PA & WI

Quoted @umichvoter99

Florida in-person EV: Day 2 as of 11:40 AM Rep 47,943 Dem 37,917 NPA/Other 16,993 Total 102,853 Cumulative total: Rep 200,986 Dem 190,532 NPA/Other 75,220 Total 466,738 https://t.co/XMujci1DHg safe to say, republicans are churning out their votes on Day 2 so far

I wonder who thought that this would happen? https://t.co/YvrBiUi1R9

This result is a double-whammy for the Dems; not only are they doing horrendously with a decent sample of Florida seniors, but they are specifically doing bad with affluent, college-educated ones.

Latest info from that suburban Marion in-person polling station which caters to seniors: 627 (GOP) - 238 (Dem). Mind you, these are disproportionately college-educated seniors who live in gated communities -- some of which are resort-like -- built around golf courses.

Quoted @Politidope

NEW via @StPetePolls: Biden leads Trump in Sarasota County, FL by more than 🚨 16 points 🚨 ! BIDEN: 56.3% TRUMP: 40.2% https://t.co/kRMqCxPQ88 https://t.co/gEsgTlJQtz

NEW via @StPetePolls: Biden leads Trump in Sarasota County, FL by more than 🚨 16 points 🚨 ! 

BIDEN: 56.3%
TRUMP: 40.2%
https://t.co/kRMqCxPQ88 https://t.co/gEsgTlJQtz

LOL -- on a day like this, I guess that the FL-Dems need some feel-good nonsense to believe. https://t.co/pvJ9xBy6Iw

The FL-Dems are doing so horrendously today that they are losing in-person early voting at EV polling stations established in urban centers. This is all kinds of sad.

Looking at the senior vote, at an in-person early voting polling station which caters to the over-55 crowd in suburban Marion, GOPers now lead Dems 555-209. I am not joking.

Quoted @VanAndNum

@CottoGottfried Florida In-Person EV as of 2:40 PM Rep 85,744 Dem 83,311 NPA/Others 25,373 Total 200,249 50/67 counties reporting What is your prediction for Miami-Dale?

GOPers have taken the lead in Florida's in-person early voting! https://t.co/gWwmgHeRqG

Quoted @Repulican4U

🇺🇸All hands on deck. We need to turn out. Get your mom and dad out. Get your brothers and sisters out. Get your kids voting. We need household voting. This election is about freedom Versus socialism. This can’t be overlooked and we can be complacent.🇺🇸

I and my son and daughter in law voted Trump and red down ballot yesterday. https://t.co/hWozCu0GOp

Quoted @DL27576448

@CottoGottfried I’ve said it over and over and over again: when trump is wrong/losing, he just stays quiet. When he’s winning, he lets EVERYONE know. He’s seen the numbers. He knows he’s winning.

True about DJT. https://t.co/rDyxHfFXlH

In Ohio, per TargetSmart, GOPers have climbed to a six-point lead over Dems in VBM returns. In-person early voting has been taking place there since Monday, but no EV numbers have been posted by TS as of yet. DJT has this state wrapped up tighter than a Hanukkah present.

... which prevents absentee ballots from being requested unless specific criteria are met), and the virtual certainty of a large GOP turnout on Election Day, it can be said that Texas is very likely to remain in Trump's column. While this may seem like a non-issue, it, in ...

COTTO'S OFFICIAL PREDICTION __________________________________ TEXAS __________________________________ LIKELY GOP HOLD __________________________________ Due to a robust performance with in-person early voting, a minimal VBM presence (thanks to a restrictive state law ...

In 2016 the FBI pushed a hoax that Trump betrayed his country. In 2020 the FBI is ignoring Biden who actually did.

@CottoGottfried We voted in "deep blue" Houston this morning. Today is Day 5 of early voting. ZERO people in line. Maybe 5 inside (have pics). My group by registration: 3 republicans 4 independents 2 democrats ALL voted for Trump, Cornyn, Crenshaw, republican down the line.

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