VOTE #TooBigToRig

VOTE #TooBigToRig



I am Wonder Woman if you look at what I accomplish... and Cindy Lou Who if you look at my heart. #BLM

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FL Gov DeSantis should’ve already resigned. He led Florida off a cliff.

Our Independence Day has been rescheduled til November 3rd.

My colleagues and I introduced a bill to remove Confederate names, symbols, and monuments from all military bases—because we shouldn’t honor those who took up arms against the United States to preserve the enslavement of Black Americans.

America is not defined by a date, a flag, a declaration or a flawed & evolving constitution. It is defined by its People. We are the products of an unjust history. What America can be will be determined by how we confront that history & work to correct its injustices.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that you should wear a damn mask and social distance if you want to save lives.

Honor our country by wearing a mask.

Protesters chanting fuck Donald Trump in front of Trump International Hotel is a burn the American flag which is their First Amendment right

So tRumps administration plans on telling America that the virus is here to stay and we can’t do anything about it so get out there and spend $$. To reiterate, that’s what they have really been saying all along. They don’t care about our lives. #WearADamnMask #StayTheFHome

“The 2,000 year old man” — Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks: If you’ve never heard it, you owe it to yourself to listen. If a bit of distraction would hit the spot, anyway. Here it is:

My colleague @lessig is right that the crisis Wirth and Rogers project wouldn’t unfold precisely as they predict, because state legislatures don’t certify electoral slates as such. But that just adds a twist to this complex saga, one we need to untangle.

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Donald Trump now says he doesn’t believe our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia is paying bounties to Taliban who kill U.S. troops. Why not? Because . . . wait for it: Because Putin TOLD him Russia isn’t doing that. Shades of Helsinki. Can this really be happening?


A MAGA is someone who travels a thousand miles to tell others to "Go Home!"

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I don’t think Donald Trump wants us retweeting this one


I don’t think Donald Trump wants us retweeting this one

Who knew so many people could die from a hoax?

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