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#ICYMI good news from @wwfRU 😊 there's a new marine nature reserve encompassing the Medvezhyi Islands, which have the highest recorded concentration of #PolarBear dens 🐻‍❄️ from the Taymyr Peninsula to Wrangel Island 👏 https://t.co/7Rzt5m0Rwq

It’s #ArcticSeaIceDay today 🧊🌊 Throughout the #Arctic in communities like Port Heiden, declining sea ice is leaving coastlines vulnerable to erosion. #Alaska, like the rest of the Arctic, is warming faster than other places on the planet 🌡️🌎 #ClimateAction https://t.co/2YFocsZ9r3

#ICYMI Martin Sommerkorn & Melanie Lancaster (members of our #Arctic team 👏) say it’s important to identify what can and should be achieved in the Arctic in the next decade to benefit nature & people. New issue of The Circle (WWF's Arctic Magazine) ⬇️ https://t.co/kGRxaR9GEt

📢 There's a new issue of The Circle (WWF's #Arctic Magazine) available 👏👇 Safeguarding the diversity of Arctic life 🐻‍❄️🐳❄️ should be approached at the #ecosystem scale and consider both the current and anticipated distribution of Arctic #nature. https://t.co/kGRxaR9GEt

On June 19 @wwfRU sent an open letter to Nornickel’s President concerning the fuel leak in the Russian #Arctic 🛢️ Having not received a reply WWF-#Russia has sent another letter addressed to the company's Board of Directors. https://t.co/u37vU3GACc

Researchers noticed harbour porpoises 🐋 out and about in the #NorthSea. They're normally pretty shy. They think it's most likely because, this normally busy sea, is a lot quieter right now 🔇 In the #Arctic, #whales face underwater noise from oil exploration and ship traffic 🚢 https://t.co/fHj7ZD3WG6

Although #ClimateChange likely contributed to Russian fuel leak mismanagement to blame 🛢️ “It’s an attempt to write off Nornickel’s failure in risk management and ecological safety on the fashionable topic of climate change,” said Alexey Knizhnikov, @wwfRU https://t.co/HArp45dbRc

#SaveTheIceEdge update➡️ #Norway expected to vote against science concerning oil exploration along #Arctic ice edge😔 "By ignoring science Norway is failing to provide global leadership on #ClimateChange and placing oil profits before nature."@ArcticPeterW https://t.co/Cj6cAgz1bq

On June 11 #Norway's parliamentary committee will make recommendations regarding oil&gas exploration at the ice edge. This #WorldEnvironmentDay2020 WWF wants @NorwayMFA to know Norway's reputation for #sustainability is on the line #SaveTheIceEdge #Arctic https://t.co/uXUSaY2v6D

#ICYMI the cryosphere makes up all the frozen ❄️ places on our planet 🌎 Like ➡️ glaciers, continental ice sheets, permafrost, snow and ice. These frozen places heavily influence the #climate around the world. #Arctic https://t.co/YCftjOnFZR

#SocialDistancing on an ice floe 🧊

#DYK walruses depend on ice floes for resting 💤, breeding, giving birth and nursing their young, as well as for shelter from rough seas and predators? #Arctic #wildlife 

📸 © Mikhail Cherkasov/WWF-Russia https://t.co/tIz9oAAIJE

#SocialDistancing on an ice floe 🧊 #DYK walruses depend on ice floes for resting 💤, breeding, giving birth and nursing their young, as well as for shelter from rough seas and predators? #Arctic #wildlife 📸 © Mikhail Cherkasov/WWF-Russia https://t.co/tIz9oAAIJE

"#ClimateChange makes extreme weather events 🌪️🌊🌀⛈️ more frequent and more intense. Now, because of the pandemic, they come at a time when national economies are crashing and ordinary people are stretched to their limits." #ClimateCrisis https://t.co/NJEOBuo183

We're incredibly grateful to everyone who tweeted @NorwayMFA in support of our campaign #SaveTheIceEdge 👏✊ "[The marginal ice zone] is an area where it is unacceptable to have oil&gas development. And Norwegian politicians must be pushed to do the right thing."@Karoline_Andaur https://t.co/5Dr9Mj814f

Vulnerable areas in the #Arctic #Ocean need to be protected. @NorwayMFA, #Norway needs to listen to science. Stop the expansion of oil & gas leases beyond the Marginal Ice Zone in the Arctic and protect the sea ice edge so nature can thrive. Nature over oil #SaveTheIceEdge

Why is the ice edge crucial to the #Arctic? ❄️Teeming with #biodiversity ❄️Phytoplankton bloom ➡️ microscopic #marine algae that form the base of many food webs ❄️Supports globally important fisheries ❄️May 13 #SaveTheIceEdge 👉 https://t.co/EsUs1IRR4b https://t.co/PlR4S7VI5i

The ice edge is a crucial #Arctic lifeline. #Norway must stop ✋ its petroleum expansion in the #Arctic #Ocean. On May 13, copy the tweet we share and send a message @NorwayMFA to protect vulnerable Arctic #marine areas. #SaveTheIceEdge https://t.co/wWhf1smJnY

WWF 🐼 calls on #Norway to listen to the science in securing a larger marginal ice zone and to refrain from any new oil and gas 🛢️ exploration in this crucial #Arctic area. #SaveTheIceEdge #sustainabledevelopment https://t.co/uXUSaY2v6D

The Saimaa ringed seal is one of the rarest seals in the world 🌍 The size of the population is estimated at a little over 400 individuals. #ClimateChange is one of the biggest threats to the species. #Arctic Learn more ➡️ https://t.co/16fBg3cCSQ https://t.co/4rnrShW5PN

The marginal ice zone is where #Arctic sea ice 🧊 meets open #ocean 🌊 and is a critical area for many species. There's pressure to allow for greater oil&gas exploration in this area, especially in Norway, threatening this crucial habitat #SaveTheIceEdge https://t.co/PlR4S7VI5i

The most important action to help protect ice-dependent species is to slow the rate of #ClimateChange and ultimately to stop it. By stopping the disappearance of their ice habitat 🧊❄️ we can ensure #Arctic species are not pushed to extinction. #ClimateCrisis https://t.co/uamv1ALTDL

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