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A powertip for #CyberMonday shoppers: tap the magnifying glass by the search box on #iphone app, then tap shopping to search the best deals.

If you have questions or comments about #Google search apps on your mobile , this is the place. How did you use Google mobile search today?

#iphone users can now get #Google #Goggles on #iPhone - download the latest from (see a video at

#BlackBerry users can now search their Gmail and Google Docs using the latest version of Google Mobile App. Visit to download.

#iphone We also updated all of GMA's graphics to support the iPhone 4's hi-res display.

#iphone has a new version - now with push notifications for Gmail and calendar. It'll be in the App Store later today, hope you like it :)

Quick reminder: this is the feed for the Google Mobile App, not general Google mobile questions. @googlemobile is the best place for those.

A travel tip today - just search for a flight number (e.g. VS20) and we'll show whether or not it's on schedule in the #Google results.

#iPhone powertip: to delete an item from your search history, swipe left on it and then tap delete.

iPhone users may have been getting an 'automated queries' error when opening apps, we're pushing out a fix for this - apologies meanwhile.

UK and US iPhone/iPod users can see apps in #Google results now - for example try searching for 'TV listings app'.

We don't just do football - you can ask GMA for 'wimbledon scores' too :) #wimbledon

Quick tip: just search for 'World Cup' using Google Mobile App to get the latest scores and upcoming fixtures #worldcup

E71 has MyLocation - if you don't see a blue dot with (e.g.) 'My location: London SW1' on GMA's search screen please check settings.

Tip: If you have location-based search enabled, just say or type 'weather' into GMA and you'll get the forecast for where you are.

Let us know your thoughts on Google Mobile App via this short survey - it's designed to be filled out on your phone :)

Let us know your thoughts on Google Mobile App via this short survey - designed to be filled out on your phone :)

You can now use Google Mobile App's voice search in French, German, Spanish and Italian -

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