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Remember the bride who went viral for catching the Beirut explosion on film? She just started the '$1 Million Dreamers Fundraiser' to benefit the Red Cross & support thousands of people in Lebanon: https://t.co/D0a7HvYi4u https://t.co/IqgHFX7qAy

You can read Daniela's incredible story below & support her future here: https://t.co/1MDSVyTqJh https://t.co/Jm9cBFvTqo

Here is the verified GoFundMe to support Dawn Wooten—the nurse who revealed ICE was performing mass hysterectomies on undocumented immigrants kept in federal custody. https://t.co/7XPRUW1bNF

11 hours ago

After her son faced racism from his classmates, this mom launched a K-12 'diversity library' to connect students & teachers with anti-racist literature. https://t.co/1WF1sbTVhj

Humans of New York Has Started a GoFundMe for Viral Sensation Tanqueray https://t.co/k6TlCgSU0l

This guy is rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to support @mssocietyuk. https://t.co/2lqe9evdK4

Hurricane Sally has caused severe damage & left hundreds of thousands without power in the South. In response, people have launched fundraisers to support those affected by the devastation. Here's how you can help. https://t.co/YTNfi3Zjm7

For every $25 donated, this California carpenter will be able to build one free desk for a child in need. https://t.co/rpx1HCXQ9t

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, El Pollo Loco has donated $100K to help Latina-owned small businesses affected by COVID. Nominate someone you know by visiting the link. https://t.co/mLBK1Hy17i

Following this incident, officers started an eviction fund to help other families who are unable to pay their rent—and they've raised nearly 10x their original goal: https://t.co/Y7EvTlvQ69 https://t.co/uD93Fo2e1d

This Oregon teacher is now a hometown hero after raising $20K to help her students who lost their homes to wildfires. https://t.co/xogcumfzbS

An OKC woman has started this fund to build 100 "Blessing Boxes" to feed hungry families in her community. https://t.co/su7VQfMjPO

These two tiny best friends are battling cancer, together. #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth https://t.co/6IoR27SI4Z

Four siblings have started a lemonade stand to help their single mom get through a rough patch. https://t.co/TvkjmUjJcQ

This unemployed guy started picking up trash around his city's streets & now the community is supporting his efforts. https://t.co/QEt9wHWZxP

7 days ago

Consider donating to some of these GoFundMe links to help those who were displaced by the fire. “THIS is the community we all know and love: where we put aside our differences and come together when things get tough.” — @JustinBrannan https://t.co/Pn5JaRpNsq

Diesel launches a GoFundMe to survive the pandemic as bookstores struggle https://t.co/RgB7HnKLZL

This volunteer firefighter lost both his home & his business to the raging Bear Fire. https://t.co/fvIjFU5KoV

My birthday wish: Support the leadership of visionary rural Southern Black women. Here is one great opportunity. Step right up! @gofundme https://t.co/GdmJLwISZR

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