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16 hours ago

@JohnWest_JAWS @PeterStefanovi2 Yep - it's lies as usual. There was a research paper by in January highlighting their findings of the spread of covid-19 by asymptomatic people in family clusters.

Quoted @fatted17

@rcacciola2506 @51TJK @JohnWest_JAWS @Legallydave2 @dr_ianjackson @MattHancock I easily found articles highlighting possible asymptomatic/presymptomatic transmission as far back as late January. He is telling porkies again. This should have been assumed and measures put in place to prevent it. That would include those returning to care homes


@PeterStefanovi2 He'll never admit'll be excuse after excuse...a disgrace! #marr infuriates me..hardly pushes at all on the replies/lies from Hancock and yet a very different tone with Annalise ..! One of the worst point watching really!

@LordStras @PeterStefanovi2 Manage the narrative. Make the lie big, make it simple enough for everyone to understand, and keep saying it.

@PeterStefanovi2 Standard procedure for populist regimes - NEVER admit a mistake, NEVER resign, rewrite history instead.

@PeterStefanovi2 @redgraeme @MattHancock Little man, little man, own up to your mistakes and then move on somewhere else. You have the stench of death on you.

@Georgiecrumble @PeterStefanovi2 Unfortunately there are thousands out there who think this lot are doing a good job. There are thousands of villages in this country missing their idiots.

@PeterStefanovi2 Beggars belief. The numbers fell because you'd already sent people out.......ffs total and utter spin and nonsense......who falls for this rubbish?.....😂😂

@PeterStefanovi2 I use to think @MattHancock was not like the vile tories Boris, Gove and Patel but not only is he totally useless he is as equally vile as them.

@PeterStefanovi2 Marr giving him easy ride Again not coming back to the questions when he scurts around them. What a difference when Labour was asked he came back 3 times with the same question no wounder the government won't go on Gmtv.

@PeterStefanovi2 He claims they "didn't know about asymptomatic transmission in March"? He should be referring to pre-symptomatic transmission btw: the notion that someone without symptoms can still pass on the virus. It was detailed in research papers in JANUARY. As usual - he's lying.

@harrison_alan @PeterStefanovi2 @HuwpHuw Very disturbing remark about people suffering with the after effects of corona "thankfully not me" he says .....

@PeterStefanovi2 @HuwpHuw Asymptomatic spreaders are the new excuse for the failure of Track and Trace.

@PeterStefanovi2 We don't need hindsight. All we need to do is look at the figures . Damning.

@PeterStefanovi2 Wha an abosolute joker @matthancock is. You know, we know, you put people back in carehomes untested. Dispicable government, which should be brought to justice for that decision.

@PeterStefanovi2 When it comes to interviewing government ministers Marr is as weak as piss.

@PeterStefanovi2 put him on trial at The Hague with Johnson and puppetmaster Cummings

@PeterStefanovi2 There is no longer any point in interviewing any of them. The whole cabinet is complicit in the appalling handling of the pandemic and worse than that they refuse to learn from mistakes. All they do is spew random word salad that is completely meaningless & cover up. Disgraceful.

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