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Head Pastor of @faith_wired, Trainer, Gamer, Husband, Father & Great Friend. What you get from me is the real deal.

Santa Clarita, CA
Joined on December 13, 2009

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"We are to thrive and not just survive." @Gilbert_Burns #SCCCLive

God blesses "goers" not "stayers". Go DO something! Pastor @Gilbert_Burns #SCCCLive Josh 1:7

"I see God, because I believe God." @Gilbert_Burns (II Corinthians 4:13) #SCCCLive

Life is good, because God is good and God is about LIFE. #SCCCLive

"I'm not committed to God because I feel it, I'm committed to God because I gave my word." @Gilbert_Burns #SCCCLive

Every individual has their own individuality. Find it, embrace it and celebrate it, for it is your uniqueness that defines your specialty.

Give a little and you will receive a lot. Always give so you can give again. Luke 6:38

A Proverb a day helps keep stupidity away. Read. Your daily Proverb.

Thank Senator Marco Rubio for his Pro-Life Leadership #prolife #MarcoRubio

Know this, as a believer in Jesus, whatever is on Him, can be on me.

#Shoutout to the best Pastor in the world! My father, and best friend @Gilbert_Burns. Give him a follow!

"Loners who care only for themselves spit on the common good." #Proverbs 18:1 Message Version

1 Corinthians 14:33 -- God is not the author of confusion. "Confusion is the result of not knowing who you are." @Gilbert_Burns #sccclive

Streaming from SCCC on the "Power of Praise and Worship." Watch LIVE here: Grab a notepad for those "aha" moments!

New Blog: A Love Affair to Remember in, Sleepless Seattle #blog #classicfilm #loveaffair #enniomorricone #VDAY

Searching out a matter is vital before you speak. Honor is done on purpose. Proverb 25:2

Today is the day that my best friend went to rest.

Today is the day that my best friend went to rest.

Thoughts come from WORDS and words create imaginations. Dwell on God's word! Proverbs 30:5 "Every word of God is pure..." #SCCCLive

Love is a motivator, faith is an activator. Faith is activated and energized and expressed and works through love. Gal.5:6

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