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WaPo columnist, epistemologist, aptonymetrician, enthusiast of excreta-related humor. Tweets represent ONLY the views of The Post. Personally, I disavow them.

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Quoted @realDonaldTrump

The 1,126,940 votes were created out of thin air. I won Pennsylvania by a lot, perhaps more than anyone will ever know. The Pennsylvania votes were RIGGED. All other swing states also. The world is watching!

It is inconceivable that you lost! You killed tens of thousands of Americans through your gross incompetence. Your administration was historically corrupt. You are physically repulsive. Of COURSE you won.

Green-bean casserole. With cream of mushroom soup and crispy onion topping. Is this familiar to you as a Thanksgiving staple?

I know there are people who are unhappy this Thanksgiving, and I will not offer platitudes, because they are empty. I just want to say that next year will be better, because I believe it. Hang on. Hang in there.

Trump's inability to concede defeat is now funny. He is a pathetic fool for the ages. It's okay to laugh.

Chicken feet. I know the idea is horrible but if you want a good gravy...

My turkey weighs 2,905 pounds. This has been scientifically established.

I am the handsomest man on Earth.

Also, happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you are not lonely, and if you are, that you're okay.

Rachel insists some Episcopalians have cloacas. She is an Episcopalian. I doubt the veracity of this. Can any Episcopalians weigh in on this?

I re-weighed my turkey, using a commercial scale on the highway. . It is is 2,047 pounds.

I weighed my turkey. It is 678 pounds.

I always order my turkeys from the guys at Eastern Market. I got mine yesterday. You can only estimate how big it will be, and I have no problem with that. I got mine yesterday. It appears to be 470 pounds. It is for Rachel and me.

Cats are stupid.

Okay, would you get the vaccine if it involved four days of intense, firehose diarrhea, a day of projectile vomiting, and a month of urinary incontinence and two months of sexual impotence?

This is a really good story, a deep and human look at Emily Murphy, who was put in a horrible position.

Former NYC mayor David Dinkins, who died yesterday, graciously submitted to a difficult interview for my book One Day. He said something remarkable: That he never really wanted to run for mayor vs. Koch, but that he felt the city needed racial healing. He kinda hated the job.

I am just going to report this. It is true. Britain has a Loneliness Minister. Her name is Baroness Barran.

1. seventy million people voted for Donald Trump. 2. Americans are planning extensive travel for Thanksgiving to kill their loved ones. 3. We are a nation of imbeciles.

Hey, I think the Jets might be the worst team in history!

i am fixing a clock that was last opened in 1913.

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