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Unbelievable ! John Key couldn't even deliver this after that horrible Brash era. Jacinda take a bow - just amazing and so well deserved. Please reduce the Greens to a "nice to have" rather than essential. Labour more than 60 seats PLEASE.

I'm as excited as I was in 2008 when John Key put Don Brash's religious nutter, racist indulgence to death. That year, John saved National. In 2020 please Jacinda save us from the Greens' nutbar social policy. Love their enviro stuff but those Looney Lefties!

Jeez this is cool - "come on Labour" - get a clear majority PLEASE ! While I love the environmental policies of the Greens, their economic policy is unadulterated CRAP - especially the Wealth Tax. FFS what a moronic initiative. C'mon Labour

So Judith wants to repeal the RMA that the Nats brought in in 1991. It's just BS, she want to capitalise politically by changing its name. No? Well tell us specifically which of its provisions specifically she wants gone? She’s just playing to the electorate’s dipshits

Those who want to see cheaper housing should go into business & build more. Those who want the poor to afford better housing should invest in businesses that offer higher paying jobs. Those addicted to the politics of envy, keep whingeing for hand-outs – it’s a career path 3/3

Second, in a covid-cowered world some people want bigger houses instead of travel and others want bigger house now they’ll work from home more. Third, returning Kiwis are in the market. Who is saying all 3 groups should be discouraged by a tax? It’s pretty naive 2/3

Whingeing about “expensive” housing has become a signature tune for certain political parties. But the recent resurgence of house prices is a global phenomenon spawned by plunging real interest rates & the Fed has guaranteed that to continue so asset revaluation is guaranteed 1/3

SPCA oppose 1080, the most effective means of protecting our native fauna. Yet they do awesome work on animal welfare. To survive they need to drop the nutters, & stick to their knitting, protect their great field staff 2/2

Why has SPCA lost credibility? Short answer -Bob Kerridge and Trap Neuter & Release. It was just horrific to find the SPCA returned cats into the wild to slaughter NZ’s native fauna 1/2 via @1NewsNZ

Why is TOP doing so badly this time? 1- integrity of current leadership is low (Jamie Lee Ross FFS); 2-insipid campaign, zero cut-through; 3- no thought leadership or relevant policy development, just piggybacking on the work we did up to 2017. They won’t get 10% of votes we did

So what does the referendum say on this? It’ll be available only for those over 20. Only licensed producers can supply. This is a good start. What’s the argument against again? There must be more than just being scared of change 2/2

Legalising cannabis without having protections for those whose brains get fried (under 25’s) – is just ignorant. On the other hand, restricting the supply of cannabis and therein giving “P” a free ride through the ranks of our youth (the status quo) – is just horrific 1/2

Establishment parties play to their Tribes: Nats offer tax cuts & lots of roads, Labour extends paid leave entitlements. Discerning voters need to sort shit from shovel. Covid portends a rolling global recession. Just adjudge which Party offers the best hope, flaws aside

More paid holidays, more paid sick leave. Labour’s empathy with small businesses under threat from this recession is fiction. More interested in tossing election bribes to its tribe.

Puerile politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths: Jacinda says she understands businesses are "really doing it hard" (restaurants in Auckland); Same day she doubles sick leave costs for business. Dipshit voters just lap up hypocrisy of Establishment parties

All populations have their share of intellectually-bereft; those with no grasp of evidence or logic, zombies of some cult, often religious. Why does our education system churn out so, so clueless. Today they were in Queen St-what Dropkicks

Overseas, Covid resurgence was precipitated by younger cohorts disregarding social distancing etc. They became the vector, resurgence was all on. NZ will follow- political expediency has triumphed, we're moving from elimination to suppression. Here we go, yippee aye ay.

Another 11 community cases in Auckland today. In 36 hours Aucklanders will be free to infect the rest of NZ – flights to Queenstown booked out, here they come. Please Jacinda just say you’ve given up on elimination. We understand why. FFS honesty is the best policy

Good luck Queenstown, lots of Aucklanders booked to come your way next week

Has NZ thrown in the towel on Covid elimination? Auckland has community transmission- every day new cases are uncovered. From Monday, Aucklanders are free to roam the country and infect the rest of us. Why is that not a surrender? Suppression here we come, honesty please Jacinda

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