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If you've ever wondered what Dolly Parton or Julie Andrews singing 'WAP' would sound like, here's your answer @Rachel__Harper

It should come as no surprise that Gorv is the only candidate who will meet average Americans where they are...since he’s also the only candidate on wheels. @TheRealGORV #ad

The Great White North invasion continues as @CBSAllAccess has ordered a comedic documentary series set in Ontario, Canada

Just a reminder that this show exists FOR FREE on @youtube. If you haven't seen @laurenlapkus and I host a morning talk show that falls apart with Joe Hartzler as the producer and a ton of amazing guests, check out episode 1 here. The Earliest Show-

i miss texting someone "almost there, just looking for parking" and then getting in the shower

María Mercedes is the horny version of Snow White #HispanicHeritageMonth by @DancesWithTamis

If you want to expose yourself to COVID-19 while spreading the disease to over a dozen island nations, then this is the cruise for you.

Be stronger than your strongest excuse. No matter how much it can lift. Start by watching #morningmotivation; it’s a lot easier than push-ups. #ad@Wendys

Plus, this video of Sarah Levy's reaction to winning Emmy after Emmy is almost too wholesome for this world @danjlevy @sarahlevy_ @SchittsCreek

they finally renamed the buttons on zoom

they finally renamed the buttons on zoom

An RV HQ means if your rivals can’t catch you on the streets, then they won’t be able to catch you in the polls @TheRealGORV #ad

. @Johnno_Wilson and Michael’s girlfriends want to move in, but will their love for Sandra Bullock be too much for the guys?

Written by @bigzackpoitras, originally printed in issue 12 of The Occasional

There is a proper decorum for everything, including this

Amigas y Rivales is a telenovela that will make you never want to have kids #HispanicHeritageMonth by @DancesWithTamis

if you loved this year’s video, be sure to donate to so @electrolemon makes another one next year!

Demi Adejuyigbe didn't have to go so hard for this year's video but he did and he did it for all of us @electrolemon

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