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We’re here to help with all of your #FreedomMobile account needs from 6AM PST - 10PM PST, 7 days a week.

Joined on October 15, 2009

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Why do the best days always have to go by the quickest? 🤔 A question we're pondering this Monday morning... Do you have any questions for us? Shoot us a DM by 10 PM PT.

We're all done until 6 AM PT tomorrow morning. We'll see you then. Take it easy!

Hey there! How’s everyone doing? 😁 The Sunday crew is here and ready to help until 10 PM PT.

That's a wrap on Saturday! We'll see everyone on Sunday morning at 6 AM PT. Goodnight! 🥱

The weekend has arrived! We'll be here until 10 PM PT tonight. Let us know if you need a hand 🤝

Closing time! We're signing back in at 6 AM PT tomorrow.

Good morning! We're hoping everyone has a very happy Friday! 🎉 We'll be here 'til 10 PM PT to help with all your Freedom Mobile questions or concerns.

We hope you have a great rest of your night! Our team is signing off and will return at 6 AM PT.

Hey there! We're up and at 'em. Let us know if you have any questions before 10 PM PT.

Goodnight, Freedom fam! 👋 We'll see ya in the morning at 6 AM PT.

Happy Wednesday! We're here again 'til 10 PM PT to help with any Freedom Mobile-related questions or concerns.

Time for us to say goodbye! We'll return at 6 AM PT.

Happy Tuesday! We are back from 6 AM to 10 PM PT to assist you. Please send us a DM if you have any questions.

We're wrapping things up but you can catch us back here at 6 AM PT. Goodnight!

Mornin' everybody! We're standing by until 10 PM PT to help with your Freedom Mobile questions.

That’s a wrap for us tonight. We hope you all had a good day and we’ll see you again to start a new week tomorrow at 6 am PT! 😊

How is Sunday flying by so fast? This is just a head’s up that we’re still here to help out with any general questions until we close at 10 pm PT. If you have questions about your account then we’ll be able to help out again with those at 6 am PT.

We hope everyone is having a great day! Just a reminder that if you have questions about your account, we’re here to help until 6 pm PT.  As of 6 pm our systems will be undergoing maintenance. We will still be here to help with general questions until 10:00 pm PT.

Good morning all! Just a head’s up that we’ll be doing some system maintenance on our end, so MyAccount and Customer Care account access will be unavailable starting at 6pm PT. We will still be here until 10 pm PT if you do have general questions.

Goodbye for now! See ya at 6 AM PT.

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