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Is the Nation going to do nothing to Curb the Infection & Death Rate of the Virus; until approved Vaccines are ready for use? Rates likely to Double over next 5 -6 weeks!

Little doubt in my Mind; that Trump's lack of respect for the Dangers of the deadly COVID Virus; will be the cause of Thousands of Needless Deaths; & put this Country in an Economic Depression. An enforceable Lockdown only way to curb the growing number of Infections . . . now!

At a time when the rank & file of ordinary Americans are being - - food & nutritionally challenged - - Biden to welcome 11,000,000 illegal (undocumented) Aliens who have been hiding out; then creating path for staying legally in this Country. For Dems - - 11 Million new Voters?

Risks to U & your Family - - Flying during Holidays: Taxi rides; check-ins; baggage handling, restroom use, food courts; dirty seats while waiting; crowds in waiting areas; & in line when Boarding; close-quarter contact when Boarding, overheads, seating & climb-overs & talking!

"If you Fly - - U Die!" Airlines putting too many Passengers on Flights; and, mixing outside air with what's in the Cabin! In a Word; it is highly risky flying this Holiday Season. Stay home and Protect and Enjoy your immediate Family. They will thank you for it!

. . . not unreasonable to expect the Number of New COVID Virus Infections to skyrocket. Experts are saying; the number of Deaths Daily could approach 4,000 - 5,000! Tis' a Joyous Season; a time to be Thankful, and Happy! It will be anything but - - if U aren't Extra Careful!

Just an Opinion; but, a Damn Good One - - at that! Best be cautious of contracting the COVID Virus between Now & January 3, 2021! Having learned that People do not aways follow sound Advice from Experts dealing with practically everything; not unreasonable to expect . . . (more)

Would Celebrity Status guarantee one's Election to High Posts? It did for Donald Trump. OK; consider: "The Rock;" the Darlings of Cinema - - Ryan & Blakley; or, One of the three, "K's;" maybe, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks; & others. In some ways t/People would be Welcome Relief!

Who would you Trust the most? The Premier of China; or Donald Trump? Putin or Donald Trump? Little Kim of North Korea or Donald Trump? My money goes to the three Odd Men Out - - World Leaders!

Trump's Gross Errors: Failure to Recognize potential dangerous impact of the COVID Virus; then, slow to Mobilize against it; & followed by a reluctance to a Lockdown; but, finally agreeing. After Three Weeks; pulled the Plug on the Lockdown at urgence of Nation's Money Hounds!

Lame Duck - Trump; doing a good job setting Biden up for the need of instituting a massive lockdown. Trump seems to be doing everything he can to create breeding grounds for the COVID Virus.

Spectator Sports can arouse emotions; &, sometimes to a fever pitch. Creating Conditions for the Congregation of Thousands of People regardless of Masks; has & can - - lead to massive propagation of the COVID Virus. We are kidding ourselves to think otherwise. Same with Schools.

Maybe one of the most lucrative industries in the World if you are a Wordsmlth; &, have little or no Morality! Too many People making huge amounts of Money by Lying, & Inciting unrest as a result; then, Stir Pott Daily in attempt to make assertion seem even more palatable.

How does a Nation regain Trust of People at Home & Abroad; when it's Political Class has engaged in deception & outright Fabrication of the Truth; for Personal & Partisan Gains? Without Truth; there is no Trust! Without Trust; Geniune Relationships are hard to establish/restore!

How do People who work for Major News Outlets keep keep their Jobs after Evidence is presented that they have knowingly engaged in a plethora of Lies; especially, after they have been fully exposed? Some would say they were just doing the Work of Outlet Management & Ownership!

In my view; Hannity has been one of the GOP's biggest perveyor of False News & False Information; & has been aided & abetted by the RADCON Fox News Network. Hannity will have a Guest on; & never let him get a word in edgewise; without interrupting him; & blabbering on-and-on!

Shawn Hannity increasingly becoming a Liability for Fox News as his Motor Mouth and Conspiracy Theories Costs the Fox News Network, "big time;" in a Law Suit in which they were forced to settle. Hannity perpetrated a Lying Conspiracy Theory; & the Parties Sued his Sorry Ass!

Signs Monetary System in deep Trouble: Suppressing I/R's; Printing free money & sharing with less Credit Worthy. Cashless Society will permit Puppet Masters to make money several times when you use your Credit or Debit Card. Ours is a Bubble & Debt Economy; Dependent on Both!

Nation's Puppet Masters have no real interest in making your expenditures easier & more convenient. They are willing to offer & do such things; IF you agree to give up ALL Cash. Why? Puppet Masters looking for away to establish Negative Interest Rates; chg U Fees o/y Savings!

If U spend &gamble too much; during your visit to Sin City; the Government & Nation's Big Banks will know about it - - guaranteed; if the Nation abolishes Cash. Your Cashless - Digital, Electronic Card leaves heavy footprints. Can we maintain an 80/20 Digital/Cash Split?

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