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What are you up to,🐯

What are you up to,🐯

The Marlins were 29th in 2018 in Hard Hit%, 22nd in 2019, and now 13th this season πŸ“ˆ

I am answering your #Marlins questions on @fishstripes this week. What Marlins questions do you have about the past week or the next two months?

Is Aguilar back to his 2018 form? What happened in 2019? It’s not black and white, but here is one thing that stood out: Aguilar pulled the ball 43.5% of the time in 2018, while in 2019 he only pulled it 37.1% of the time... 2020? 41.4% so far. @fishstripes

10 games down. It could be a specific game, it could be a moment, it could be anything. The best thing about the 2020 #Marlins season so far is ________________________. Go!

Marlins Player of the Week POLL 🀩 Should be a close one. Every vote counts...

Of all the Marlins losses in 2020 (there have only been 3 😎), this one felt the most winnable.

Sorry, Dbacks fans 😬

Sorry, Dbacks fans 😬

FINAL: #Mets 4, #Marlins 2. Frustrating afternoon for the Marlins, as the team drops their first series in 2020, leaving 10 men on base. The opportunities against Jacob deGrom were there. Off tomorrow, Marlins begin two-game set against the Toronto Blue Jays in Buffalo Tuesday.

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Marlins are 7-3 (in first place) and I’m ready to rip my hair out. New episode of #Marlinsbbq tomorrow. I’m sure @TheRealACoN will have some hot takes. Back at Tuesday #Gofish

Coming to the Fish Stripes podcast feed...

Marlins Player of the Week POLL 🀩 Should be a close one. Every vote counts...

Marlins lose, 4-2. Still lead the NL East heading into their first "normal" off day of the season.

This is only the 7th time in Marlins history that they have had multiple players with the Golden Sombrero in the same game.

The strikeouts from Monte aren't shocking. Just expected to see 'em when he chases breaking balls out of the zone. His Ks today have been on fastballs over the plate.

What a frickin' game for Eddy!!!

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Eddy Alvarez putting the team on his back

Smooth tag by Alvarez on the caught stealing

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are in agreement with free-agent pitcher Henderson Alvarez, pending physical, according to sources. Alvarez had been pitching for the Milwaukee Milkmen.

Awesome news for an Old Friend

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Maaaaann iiiiii don’t know I would’ve given Pablo another inning

Yeah. Very confusing decision. Pablo was great again today. Results would've looked similar to his 1st start if not for defense and luck...and umpiring.

Awful series for Jonathan Villar

Pitch No. 1 is the β€œstrike” that Mattingly was arguing with the umpire about

Pitch No. 1 is the β€œstrike” that Mattingly was arguing with the umpire about

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