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Such a wild story by @Jonesieman and @ezra_marc about an outspoken ASU professor who does not exist https://t.co/0WGGhnvTQz

From BethAnn McLaughlin: “I take full responsibility for my involvement in creating the @sciencing_bi Twitter account. My actions are inexcusable. I apologize without reservation to all the people I hurt.” More here: https://t.co/j6oDmhJSxz

I wrote about students attempting to abolish Greek life at Vanderbilt https://t.co/z2gRIDgn8R

new w/ @Jonesieman — What’s the Value of Harvard Without a Campus? https://t.co/cxTMG5ADdn

new with @Jonesieman — A Short History of ‘Simp’ https://t.co/7Hlu9vtmoM

My latest for @NYTStyles on autonomous zones past and present https://t.co/yab6KqxOnr

My first for @NYTStyles — Will the Last Confederate Statue Standing Turn Off the Lights?https://t.co/Md9izerTwr

Tomorrow I start my fellowship at @NYTStyles and hopefully won’t be on here much ✌️tips / yell at me: ezra.marcus@nytimes.com

Quoted @BenWeiserNYT

In NY court, a prosecutor listed items seized in searches related to Lawrence Ray, ex-Sarah Lawrence parent charged with sex-trafficking students, including 44 hard drives, 37 cell phones, 5 laptops, 4 Palm Pilots; 7 iPods; 3 cameras & a polygraph machine. https://t.co/tjCCzGHd4R

A polygraph machine... https://t.co/XTC7R6wIic

It's been ten months since our piece on the Sarah Lawrence kids, Larry Ray is facing trial, and two of the women involved are STILL in Ray's clutches. New reporting from @MrJDWalsh & @ezra_marc https://t.co/hTDO5UaSvx

Larry Ray will appear in federal court later this afternoon. This is what happened after we published our story last April: https://t.co/3FLQ96F700

Last year just after our story on Larry Ray came out, two mothers knocked on the door of a house in New Jersey where he was living, looking for their daughters. This is what happened next: https://t.co/AQIapRzthN

In final scene of the Sonic movie the main characters receive a $50 gift certificate to Olive Garden from the CIA

Feel like I should plug this one more time—my report on a mysterious death in the Caribbean that’s become an international diplomatic incident, for @TandCmag https://t.co/Eo8Fp0C9l2

“I am so happy and relieved, because he did a lot of damage,” said one mother, who had three children fall under Larry Ray’s spell. @MrJDWalsh and @ezra_marc report https://t.co/btC4XwphAa

.@soniamoghe and I talked to NY mag reporters @ezra_marc and @MrJDWalsh on that wild Sarah Lawrence College story https://t.co/VP3svUgyWx

Quoted @NYMag

Larry Ray’s arrest marks the end of a decade-long nightmare for many of his alleged victims and their families. @MrJDWalsh and @ezra_marc report https://t.co/6wAixOYZwP

“I am so happy and relieved, because he did a lot of damage,” said one mother, who had three children fall under Ray’s spell. https://t.co/i52HKszdPy

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