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We looked inside some of the tweets by @euromove and here's what we found interesting.

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102,481 people have signed the petition to say #No2NoDeal, because we know it would be catastrophic for both our economy and our NHS. Join hundreds of thousands standing up for what's right by signing on🔻

Over 5,000 people have chipped in to power our #No2NoDeal campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support! 🙏 If you can, please chip in to help us keep going 👇

We are a grassroots organisation, with a community of tens of thousands of activists and 126 local groups across every nation and region of the UK, and we say #No2NoDeal. Join thousands of others standing up for our values. Say #No2NoDeal

Over 100,000 people have signed our petition to stand against a #NoDeal Brexit. It's never been more important to take action and force the government to the table. Join them below and join the fight against No Deal 👇

We have said this for months. To have implied for so long that "Australian-style" is different kind of deal is misleading and disingenuous. We MUST resist. Join over 100,000 others saying #No2NoDeal:

Last week @The_Iod, @CNNBusiness, @OECD, @CBITweets warn against "disorderly" Brexit, plead with government to make a deal, raise alarm bells that they need more info to prepare. The government, Monday:'Time is running out for you to prepare for No Deal'

The reaction of @theresa_may to this shows just how far from basic common sense this government has strayed. Failing to agree security cooperation with the EU will make us all less safe and secure.

For @BorisJohnson to reject talks with the EU like this is outrageous. Britain needs them to take every opportunity to secure a good deal. Instead, the government is pressing a #NoDeal agenda.

Over 5,000 have now chipped in to stop a No Deal #Brexit! We are fighting back and challenging the narrative that a No Deal is a “good outcome”. We can cut through the right-wing media machine—but only with your support. Join 5,000 others chipping in🔻

Theresa May says 'Whaaaat?' as @michaelgove suggests to her that the UK security cooperation with the EU will be 'better' under Brexit, deal or no deal.

Michael Gove: "Whatever turbulence or bumps in the road No-Deal Brexit causes, the resilience of our economy means we will prosper mightily." Translation: We'll cope well with No-Deal because our economy is looking great right now. Covid-19: Am I a joke to you!?

"It's a little rich for the government to tell businesses to prepare for a No Deal, when it can't even tell businesses what to prepare for." -@RachelReevesMP We agree. How can the government talk about preparation when it has consulted business leaders so poorly?

"A No Deal #Brexit would be disastrous for our sector, we sincerely hope that both the UK and the EU can find a way through this apparent impasse." -@NFUCymru chief We're with you. Join thousands of others saying #No2NoDeal:

Quoted @LBC

Alok Sharma says the PM "has been very clear" that the UK is preparing to leave on Australia-style terms. Nick Ferrari: what's the difference between an Australia deal and No Deal? Sharma: "It's a question of semantics at the end of the day." #CallTheCabinet | @NickFerrariLBC

Looks like @AlokSharma_RDG said the quiet part loud 🤭 Trading on "Australia-style terms" is just a euphemism for #NoDealBrexit. However they try to dress it up, a No Deal outcome during a global pandemic would be bad for our economy, our NHS, and our lives.

The Immigration Bill is back in the Commons today, incl a cross-party amendment that would give EU citizens a physical proof of status. I call on MPs to get this right: use your vote to support the amendments; support your EU citizen constituents and all affected by the system.

a day ago

Alok Sharma says the PM "has been very clear" that the UK is preparing to leave on Australia-style terms. Nick Ferrari: what's the difference between an Australia deal and No Deal? Sharma: "It's a question of semantics at the end of the day." #CallTheCabinet | @NickFerrariLBC

We reflect and uphold the fundamental values of the EU: ☮️ Peace 🗳️Democracy 🦺Safety 👷 Human rights, worker rights and equality ✈️Freedom of movement 🤝Partnership, collaboration 🏳️‍🌈Celebration of diversity 🙏Respect and tolerance 🌲Environmental protection 📈Economic certainty

In a post-Brexit world, our values are at risk, from the undermining of human rights to compromising environmental standards. We are campaigning to maintain European values in the U.K. RT to invite your friends to join the movement.✨

If you, like us, refuse to join Boris Johnson in turning our backs on our European neighbours, why not join the fastest growing pro-European grassroots movement in Europe?

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