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Atlanta has to be sick. That’s crazy

12 minutes ago

Quoted @eric_crocker

It’s really weird how the Packers are viewed. We are talking about a 13-3 team last year that didn’t play their best football. Another year in the system for ARod and leFleur to mesh. Offense will be good. Love their pass rushers. Decent on the back end. I can see them going 12-4

2-0 and have scored 85 points in 2 games.

16 minutes ago

Tough win for the 49ers. Bosa and Solly Thomas likely done for the season. Jimmy G with a high ankle sprain. A QB MIGHT be able to play with that. Would have to really tape that ankle up. I’ve had a high ankle sprain. Only time I ever missed games in my life. It’s TOUGH!

28 minutes ago

Trumaine Johnson WAS* available. 😂

29 minutes ago

Scratch that. Smh

40 minutes ago

Once the play breaks down like that, squeeze the man. Touch him and then get eyes back to the QB. Witherspoon looked back without having the receiver “controlled”.

Bad eyes by Dontae Johnson.

Screen to Taylor? Man run that to Aiyuk! Get your rookie the ball.

I was gonna get on Moseley if that was caught in bounds. Actually, I’m still going to get on him. 4th and 7 and 49ers sending the house. Ball has to come out RIGHT NOW. You sit on those routes. They are running something at the sticks!

Trevon Diggs definitely pops when watching the Cowboys defense.

DIGGS!! Need that!! Gotta come down with that one baby. Thought he had his Fira career pick

I don’t know if Jet McKinnon has long speed anymore but his short area burst is crazy!



Great job by Witherspoon coming off the vertical route. I think he actually had a chance to make a play on that ball.

If y’all thought Jimmy G was a statue, watch Mullens. He does not move well at all.

Nick Mullens field swag is nasty.

Tartt flying around on special teams. Flying around on defense. I love it!

Now I would like to see the 49ers get Aiyuk and Sanu involved in the second half. Have to start developing that rapport with them.

I saw everything y’all said about Jimmy G last week. Shame on y’all Lol. Gave up on homie cuz he didn’t play well for a game. Crazy.

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