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Quoted @posglen

Yikes -- just finished a statewide survey in a swing state. The quarter of the voters who plan to vote by mail or absentee break 15% Trump/75% Biden on the Pres. ballot. Republicans are skeptical about voting by mail, and that's a problem up and down ballot.

“he’s so good at this” https://t.co/DmpqZ9kVMv

Quoted @katienotopoulos

Working with Ryan for 8 years has been the greatest creative partnership I’ve ever had. Proud and grateful of the things we did - a podcast, producing live shows, putting as much brony cum content on a news site as possible. https://t.co/eYLgxiCNtU

are buzzfeed people just . . . mad about this level of consequence for him because of the plagiarism? i feel like i'm in a simulation https://t.co/XLvhQyAJs0

(She means “mute white people”)

so help me, I adore this moron https://t.co/hXId9mTiIq

so help me, I adore this moron https://t.co/hXId9mTiIq

more of you need to go swimming with bari weiss, and it shows

Quoted @pamelacolloff

Another blow to the "science" of bloodstain pattern analysis. And another blow to the reputation of celebrity expert witness Henry Lee. Ricky Birch and Shawn Henning each spent more than 30 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. https://t.co/LvthCTu81W

Starting to think that the need to be a celebrity forensic scientist/pathologist is inversely correlated with one's actual ability to do the job, and not make dangerous mistakes leading to outcomes like this. https://t.co/uJkYkS5qKS

Quoted @ReaganBattalion

Thirty Two Thousand New Yorkers are dead. https://t.co/c53mW1yo3k

your man did not have a problem with 32k dead New Yorkers https://t.co/bWvQ287b6r

6 hours ago

Quoted @Theophite

this is an extremely, extremely irresponsible article for Vox to publish. https://t.co/9eq4pNHxve

The article itself notwithstanding, the headline is atrocious fearmongering and should be changed https://t.co/QtnAcIcH4F

Whet Moser
7 hours ago

Quoted @kausmickey

The Lincoln Project becomes part of cancel culture -- idea isn't to get rid of Trump but punish anyone who agrees with Trump (and disagrees with Weaver!) on the issues--Hawley, Cotton, etc.? https://t.co/Em2mjOgYRz

If you think the whole cancel discourse is dumb, may I recommend just sitting back and letting guys like this just gnaw on it until it loses all meaning and just drifts off into the sunset https://t.co/jaxw1aCt99

First time I ever heard this perfect song, it was played by @plettre at the memorial service for beloved Tyler Rush. Jared Kushner delivered wooden, forgettable remarks. https://t.co/d2KMhmyCU5

Quoted @NPR

A letter published in Harper's Magazine speaking up against an "intolerant climate" in debate has faced serious backlash. Thomas Chatterton Williams, one of over 150 who signed the letter, says it was meant to defend everyone's "right to argue." https://t.co/08gzdZi3KP

🍆 ✊💦 https://t.co/PeU0Hdx74a

only took nearly 8 years, but I finally successfully reverse psychology’d the shit out of the boy.

One of the wonderful things about the humor column that the business editors (unaccounably) let me write for the mutual funds quarterly is seeing the amazing illustrations that Glynis Sweeny comes up with to illustrate the wackiness. https://t.co/UugVXH1r9U

Quoted @costareports

NEWS w/ @AshleyRParker: The Lincoln Project raised $16.8 million this quarter and will soon expand to include ground operations. They plan to next target GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Thom Tillis (N.C.), and Lindsey Graham (S.C.). https://t.co/ZDXveFQU8i

my feeling about the LP is they're welcome to spend their money targeting republicans, but i don't have to give a shit and after november i don't want to hear from them ever again https://t.co/Z3uyZVlvf0

Quoted @frumpenberg

Baby’s first anthology 🥀🥀🥀 thank you @sarahw https://t.co/jlf7UTsS2V

Baby’s first anthology 🥀🥀🥀 thank you @sarahw https://t.co/jlf7UTsS2V

LOOK AT IT. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. https://t.co/RY8WjwSj35

Worth watching the whole segment, if you can find it. @chrislhayes shouldn’t be the only news anchor stating the obvious: the GOP is gleefully destroying the United States and gleefully killing its citizens https://t.co/pVBLq27M6N

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