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We looked inside some of the tweets by @electoralreform and here's what we found interesting.

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If you enjoy reading our articles about elections around the world we have grouped them together on our website https://t.co/8RG1ohmSED

Without reform and regulation of secretive political campaigning online, we could see deliberate attempts at suppressing turnout in British politics. https://t.co/RphpbMO7WL

We had a look at America's first past the post style electoral college - Back in 2016, Clinton won 3 million more votes than Trump, yet still lost. How was this possible? https://t.co/s7wV4ocR0w

This has got various members of the ERS staff overly excited #ParliamentBuildingsConf https://t.co/AxLN5MZc7f

In many American states, elected partisan state officials make decisions about who goes on the roll, how many voting machines go where and how long postal votes will be counted. https://t.co/jn4XPiyEIi

Did you know that many countries don’t have a separate electoral roll at all - everyone who is allowed to vote is automatically included on the list of electors. https://t.co/2Iz8WAOJAC

Parties have become even more secretive about their online campaigning https://t.co/Tnm3xObL9l

Quoted @BrennanCenter

Voter fraud is practically nonexistent. So why do we hear so much about it? Learn more from @smoralesdoyle and the Informed Citizens Guide: https://t.co/znqCWrS3Z6 https://t.co/r6o5XGhcEw

Just like in America, voter fraud is practically non-existent in the UK. https://t.co/bFQwDEllxU

Interested in how ranked choice voting may affect the presidential a& US Senate election in Maine? @fairvote has partnered with @surveyusa on the most complete RCV survey done in the state to date See our interactive presentation with demographic breakdown https://t.co/EH7gkdL7wk

Have you completed PACAC's survey on the proposed Commission on the Constitution, Democracy and Rights? Tell them your priorities out of the electoral system, Lords reform, deliberative democracy and many other areas. https://t.co/6TlgSTvtNb

More peers are joining the unelected House of Lords today. With 800 members, the oversized chamber needs reform now https://t.co/eZ3OYlZcU4

With 16 and 17 year olds voting in next year's Senedd elections, we have an opportunity to revolutionise political education in Wales and ensure the next generation is the most informed generation ever: https://t.co/wbPI1oNV9b

TODAY in 1647: Day 2 of #PutneyDebates

The right to vote is debated
@electoralreform @MakeVotesMatter @JRRT1904
Col. Rainsborough: "I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he"

Have yr say! #OxfordPutneyDebates:
https://t.co/KU7HNL1ZfQ https://t.co/vqD3dKu5cl

TODAY in 1647: Day 2 of #PutneyDebates The right to vote is debated @electoralreform @MakeVotesMatter @JRRT1904 Col. Rainsborough: "I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he" Have yr say! #OxfordPutneyDebates: https://t.co/KU7HNL1ZfQ https://t.co/vqD3dKu5cl

Last month, Democracy in the Dark's authors Dr Katharine Dommett and Dr Sam Power shared our new report's findings in ConservativeHome and for BBC Radio Scotland. Find out more in our coverage round-up: https://t.co/hiqXiXdsoC

The UK Anti-Corruption Coalition says ‘The politicisation of regulators should be avoided at all cost, as doing so creates the opportunity for abuses of power that undermine democracy and weaken trust in the political process.’ https://t.co/Sb8LAWOm2k

In cat-election news, Speaker Lindsay Hoyle's Patrick has won @Battersea_'s coveted Purr Minister 2020 title https://t.co/fTVFmkWSwX

"My experience in ACT has shown me the benefits of using Hare-Clark STV in our legislative elections." https://t.co/QT1vCtWODp

If you are in the 44% and want to increase the chance of reform - now is the time to join us as a member of the ERS https://t.co/VKRhpmXCUv

Support for Westminster's first past the post system is dropping away - @YouGov asked: Which voting system would you prefer? Proportional Representation: 44% (+2) First Past The Post: 28% (-5) https://t.co/v2sWD3XPQ9

New Zealand adopted MMP after a series of spectacular failures of their old, Westminster style electoral system. https://t.co/xHw2EEZwyf

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