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34 minutes ago

The only time you'll see me start a post with 'Hitler said' is if I'm drawing a parallel to one of Trump's speeches

Welcome to the NFL rookie symposium! We have a few important pieces of advice: 1. Don't get sloppy drunk and yell the N-word 2. Don't quote Hitler on social media 3. Wear a helmet Ok, everyone is dismissed. Except you Eagles rookies. We want to go over that again with you.

As African Americans, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, Asians, LGBTQ, other minorities, women or simply decent Christian white males the last thing we want to do is let these Trump Klan fucks turn us against each other. My attention & venom is purely focused on stopping their hatred.

And Melinda Gates was not saying to experiment on Black people with the vaccine. She was saying give the vaccine to the most at risk populations first. People are literally volunteering to take the vaccine now. DJax was definitely stupid all the way around.

My optimist's (maybe naive) view is that DJax was reading the one paragraph as Black people have been exploited in America (obviously true) and if they are woke it won't happen. Now clearly that's not at all what it actually said. He needs to apologize & explain what he meant

The re-share by DJax was just as bad but in some ways it showed that he had no idea what he was doing because it was obvious he thought it helped

I don't think DJax should be cut. If someone makes mistake that you believe to be non-malicious and immediately owns it then I think you give them the benefit of the doubt once. That said not cutting Riley Cooper was a big mistake & shouldn't factor.

I mean what celebrity/athlete looks at at a passage that starts with 'Hitler said' and thinks it's a good idea to post that. It's so dumb that I'm more inclined to believe he didn't know what he was doing. That said accidentally pushing hate off a big platform is still bad.

As a Jew I'm certainly offended by what DJax posted & I think it shows how quickly things can go that direction but unless there is any other evidence of anti-Semitism in his past I'm inclined to believe he didn't do it on purpose. That said who the fuck posts a Hitler quote.

18 hours ago

When you get smart people together in a team often the result is a greatness bigger than the individuals. When you get dumb people together they actually get dumber as a group. Then they form a pro-Trump group on the Internet.

PUTIN: [sets bounties for US troops] TRUMP: BUBBA WALLACE: [is Black] TRUMP: apologize

Quoted @washingtonpost

Militias flocked to Gettysburg to foil a supposed antifa flag burning, an apparent hoax created on social media https://t.co/KR3OHScJYB

They spelled 'Morons' wrong https://t.co/aAL3GsjVgZ

Quoted @KwCongressional

Beyoncé is not even African American. She is faking this for exposure. Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian. This is all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement. BEYONCÉ YOU ARE ON NOTICE! #GreatAwakening #QAnon #WWG1GWA #Trump2020

Matt Gaetz & DeSantis have some new competition for the dumbest man in Florida https://t.co/tZ62vEnBun

Quoted @Keisean

Philly is real different. 👀👀 https://t.co/0lH0ULuE3s

And I got in trouble when I was a young kid for lighting matches once https://t.co/u4wUYS0y6R

Quoted @WSJ

At a July 4 celebration at the White House, Trump railed against what he called the "radical left" amid nationwide protests and declared the U.S. is making progress against the coronavirus https://t.co/T2Br04mOZJ

Trump claims progress against virus as cases rise. Someone needs to explain it to him in a way he can understand: It’s like golf—a high number is bad, not good. https://t.co/3dWPPcU1Iw

Quoted @mkraju

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, who said in 2014 Obama exhibited “failed leadership” on Ebola, asked by @DanaBashCNN if Trump is exhibiting “failed leadership” on covid, says of Trump: “I think the president is stepping forward.” @CNNSotu

Vote her out https://t.co/NKc1f8qYzl

This was the moment last July when I told @SenatorTimScott that I was resigning from #SCGOP because I believed #Trump to be a racist. I have not one regret. #LincolnProject #ByeDon2020 #VoteHimOut https://t.co/TnVSxHmeni

This was the moment last July when I told @SenatorTimScott that I was resigning from #SCGOP because I believed #Trump to be a racist. I have not one regret. #LincolnProject #ByeDon2020 #VoteHimOut https://t.co/TnVSxHmeni

Kanye West has not denounced Trump's racism once.

Who the hell would actually vote for Kanye though?

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