Quit. Your. Job.

Quit. Your. Job.



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Theres a video game called tagpro you play it

I'm not a crazy person but I play one on twitter

it's what it's

Sometimes I'm beginning to worry about my short-term memory loss

Sometimes I'm beginning to worry about my short-term memory loss.

Sometimes I'm beginning to worry about my short-term memory loss

Hiring rockstar developer! Must - work as hard as CEO for 0 equity - have side projects + green squares - use dark mode - 10+ years exp (but don't be old) - willing to work for less $ - put passion into every LOC and feel like it isn’t a “job” - product vision, but don't disagree

Quoted @bengreenfield

The new podcast today with @drug_researcher at https://t.co/IkCuxOxqS7 includes time-sensitive info about MAPS Capstone Challenge spearheaded by @tferriss - worth a listen.

Good info on some of the research going on with psychedelics at Johns Hopkins. I think MDMA for PTSD is promising, and psilocybin for smoking cessation has great results so far. May be a refresher for some but still a good listen. @MrTravG @BUL_Nightmare https://t.co/5ibQrzmUhr

I don't know what it is or what it could be

Word on the street is that sugar makes your fascia less glidey, so if your muscles be tight maybe you need less sugar alright

What do you like better, the bro or the manssiere?

Trump is 78 years old, biden 92, these guys are old and I am not, they dont represent me, no taxation without representation!

I like happy things I'm really calm and peaceful

Why are all these contracts 8 fight deals? @fightoracle

Word on the street is, man made the devil in his own image.

How were we all such cute kids, and so many of us grew up to be such ugly adults?

Twitter is apoplectic

these riots/protestings/social gatherings end quarantine? why did #GeorgeFloyd get murdered by some racist pig in order 4 #CoronaVirus 2 end⁉️ & furthermore how shady is our government feedin us news like spoon fed puppet children. wake up people ur all a bunch of fuckin slaves

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