Nigel Lythgoe OBE

Nigel Lythgoe OBE



Tony nominated and Emmy Award Winning LFC supporter, producer, director, choreographer and DANCER.

Los Angeles
Joined on April 01, 2009

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This is magnificent entertainment and so TRUE!!!! Stop politicising health issues.

LADF_KCCLA_Promo(Final) tiny on Vimeo

Will that fly have to go into quarantine?

I adore Cheryl she’s a charismatic sensual dancer but AJ and the Backstreet Boys were a little disappointing if you were looking for a cha cha cha! #DWTS

Skai’s routine was very beautiful as is her entire demeanour.

I really want to congratulate the entire production team on #DWTS The camerawork, lighting and importantly the dubbing or sound sweetening is making it really sound great. Ray Chew’s band is always remarkable. Well done @BBC @ABC and Producer #AndrewLinares. #DWTS

Haha. They all gave him 7. #DWTS

Jesse might have the looks, he might have the girl, he ain’t got the moves. No timing, no lines I’ll bet they give him 7 points?

I’m sure Vernon is a great NFL player but he is not a dancer. He needs to relax and enjoy himself now. He got an 8 from Carrie Anne. I guess I could be wrong?

I can’t believe Jeannie got the same score as Nelly??? She deserved better. #DWTS

Loved Jeannie. I’ll bet on her. Derek was so right, her attitude was perfect. Great body lines too #DWTS

Well I must say I prefer Johnny on the ice. He’s certainly a good performer but it was a little too over the top for me tonight. The flicks were all too big and the body position looked a little uncomfortable. #DWTS

Kaitlyn is not only beautiful but so is her dancing. A nice flow of movement. She needs to watch that she doesn’t lift her elbow too high. #DWTS

I think it’s really tough to judge when you give a dancer 7 points at the start of the show and then the other dancers are way better and then there’s really nowhere to go.

Justina had so much energy. Sacha is very strong a great choreographer which made her look good. #DWTS

I guess I’m a little influenced by my girl Jenna but this Rhumba was beautiful. Nev had great extensions and wonderful lines and is certainly the best dancer so far. #DWTS

I guess I’m missing judging #SYTYCD. Anne Hecht was a little uncontrolled but danced reasonably strongly and at least you could tell it was a Paso. #DWTS

Monica Aldama looked great, used her hips really well and the routine looked like a samba. #DWTS Val was perfect and the lighting was terrific.

I agree with Derek, Chrishell deserved 8. I think she was certainly better than Nelly.

I loved Nelly’s energy but let’s not pretend that was a Paso Doble. #DWTS

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