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One of my friend shared this video where @thisisysr @selvaraghavan @aravindkrsna prank @Premgiamaren This kicked my childhood memories. You guys ❤️ selva is born actor. https://t.co/2rNfaKYjHh

Hey @ViyasD I need a favour, can you please create @thisisysr ‘s extremely underrated/ experimental track’s playlist on @spotifyindia irrespective of genres. I would loop on all day! Thanks _/\_. Currently looping #Sanjaram from #KannaaMoochiEnadaa

Dear @vp_offl the music album of #Chennai28SecondInnings is available on @Spotify but remains unplayable. Can you please resolve this issue for the sake all music lovers. CC: @Premgiamaren @thisisysr

I imagined how good it would be, if Yuvan had scored for Game of thrones. Watch this amateur editing cuts from me. Arya stark meets Yuvan Shankar Raja https://t.co/I8yJ8AwDa0 Please share only if you like @thisisysr @selvaraghavan @Surendarrajaa @StarVersatile @adirupjaghuva

What is your opinion on #Kazhugoo2 music album by @thisisysr? For me, if there is a scale to measure #Yuvan’s underrated album, then this should sit comfortably at the top. What do you say @Actor_Krishna @ViyasD

Quoted @galattadotcom

யுவனோட Songs-ல ஒரு உயிர் இருக்கும்- @RSeanRoldan Exclusive Live Interview #StarTimeInQuarantine #Quarantine #YuvanShankarRaja #Yuvan #U1 #GalattaExclusive #GalattaLive #GalattaMedia @thisisysr https://t.co/z8x4QMEGZL

@thisisysr fans are right about him. Being the son of who he is, creating an original style would have been really challenging. But, he’s done it with such ease. I love the man and his music ❤️ https://t.co/RLliB3sQgT

Happy married life @ViyasD Wishes from a fellow #Yuvanian #SuGotPri #SuPri

It’s 2 million for @thisisysr #2MillionYuvanians

Sun TV
10 months ago

இசைப்புயலும் இசைஞானியும் உருவாக்கும் அழகான இசைமழை. #Throwback #Ilayaraja #Ilayaraja75 #ARR #ARRahman #MandramVanthaThendralukku #SunTV #SociallySun @arrahman https://t.co/L4HfkvVneZ

I’m fucking frustrated that #kazhugu2 music is not well received and fucking underrated! @thisisysr @Actor_Krishna @ViyasD

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