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Twitter should stop censoring

She will not win Sherie running against AoC after the corrupt attempt to have Caban a lawyer lose to Katz a non lawyer but machine controlled will have backlash

Pelosi fed tRUMp s attack on the Squad as an equally cynical attempt to control them. She does appreciate how dangerous Trump is

It is too late to indulge in fantasy about Trumps neo fascist politics he is a cheap mans demagogue playing on amti moslem and anti minority tropes. Huey Long made good There is no long for naive discussion for where the United States is politically.

NY Post Hoorah Corrupt ny politics is at work in Queens trying to rein in AOC and elect the even more unqualified Melinda Katz. Hooray for nyc that gave us Trump bred his opportunism and lack of respect for legality

@JewishPressThe Jewish Press representing an unquestioning loyalty to Trump would of course tale umbrage with AOC calling the camps at the border concentration camps. The issue is wanting to define the term. in a limited sense.

@JasonMillerin Trump & co are an embarrassment to this country aside from the administration creating internal & external problems for years to come

Is Mexico’s New National Guard Just Another Uniform? https://t.co/X6EDTssMNg All the misguided policies of both Mexico and the Trump administration will do is increase the Central American and Mexican political 'pressure cooker '.

Star Creator 'Fighting' to Find New Home for Cancelled Fox Series https://t.co/yD1i7AwSxj via @TVLine

Arise from the moribund while you can!

Alex our troops have no business in Iran. How Iran behaves is a rather patronizing statement. How about saw them up Saudis Arabia-pretty gruesome way to treat a reporter.

Any fool knows the trade wars with China particularly is very destructive to US business and consumers. And Biden's comments about China are gratuitous.

Quoted @Aftermath98Q

@AOC Living wage = higher costs to operate = higher cost of living = no living wage. Want a living wage make yourself a better employee. I have no college education, but I own 3 companies. Learn a trade or a craft. I make more then 90% of college grads!!!

you are disingenuous - pull your pants up - and read your comments including no living wage crazy https://t.co/RbkWgStM91

Quoted @lexstwiitter

@IlhanMN The way Iran behaves cannot be tolerated. It’s either we 🛑 them or they get worse and worse. I support that decision. Pray for our troops. God bless them and their families.

How Iran behaves no worse than the Saudis or lets bomb Syria Israel the USA military outpost... https://t.co/GfrSREhWz0

Playing phony economic data off against Neo-liberalism and Trumpite & company modern fascism I will give you floods wildfires no problem hurricanes but feel good because the labor department invented a brand new economy for you https://t.co/oqm2cxsGoX

Quoted @dianaSilverman

If you believe this unemployment figure I have a bridge I want to sell you- If you only knew how unemployment is calculates plus the games played to create happy talk when all else is failing. https://t.co/oqm2cxsGoX

All the catastrophes floods wild fires - billions in damage not calculated into happy talk - catastrophes create jobs- there is no such thing as a below 5% unemployment rate lol hasnt been in years https://t.co/hpr34QJbvj

Quoted @emmemm77

@CNBC Thanks Trump

Contrived nonsense - propaganda to hide impact of trade war with China on US buseness effects of attacking ACA on healthcare and who is getting it, Artificially low interest rates one of the props keeping cash/liquidity out there and hide inflation. https://t.co/zRhuZS3Uxx

Payless is laying off 18000 people, healthcare providers are being affected by Trump's policy concerning the ACA, and read the business page closely about the so-called tech stocks primarily driving the market. MAGA MAGA MAGA folk https://t.co/p8rF3jAS0y

Quoted @80sTiger


I have a bridge I want to sell you MAGA MAGA MAGA https://t.co/LSgJVP7SeV

If you believe this unemployment figure I have a bridge I want to sell you- If you only knew how unemployment is calculates plus the games played to create happy talk when all else is failing. https://t.co/oqm2cxsGoX

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