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Corona will be eradicated from the earth when the los angeles lakers win the NBA Finals this year

girls with no ass be pretty cool, like y’know what flapjack i fw you

Say please ..

alright fine.... PLEASE give me your card so I can buy my PS5

Quoted @CynNotABaddie

Women need to know their place is only in the kitchen and in the store to buy the PS5

Idk bout Y’all but i was raised right- id never force my girl to go buy my ps5... she can stay home and just give me her card☺️

“you can slide if you want” “yea but do you want me to slide?”

Quoted @NicholsLangston

The worst pain is being called a bum ass nigga by a New York girl.

you think i give a fuck what joan budden got to say?

Quoted @daidaiii__

Arcade dates>>>>>

beating her in all the games>>>>>>

Quoted @_sammiibaby

hello if you are a black person w a beard pls drop your pics here i’d like to bless the tl

my time too cook??

Yo Unc you asked for receipts, here they are. Y’all tag @ShannonSharpe

i got diamonds doing toosie slides in both ears

SZA baddd

Quoted @chandleralysse

My hidden talent is that I can figure out a man’s height just off of pictures or a lanyard in their pocket.

so i really gotta tell people im 5'7 now smh

Quoted @UndeniableLOVE7

When a woman cheats it’s cause she’s had enough. When a man cheats, it’s cause the sky is blue.

oh lord

gon be a wild day on the tl once they come

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