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A double murderer has escaped from a juvenile detention center in Virginia. A manhunt is underway for Jabar Taylor, 20, and Rashad Williams, 18, after they strangled a staff member at the facility and made their escape. https://t.co/RO54EGy1iT

Kansas Republican facing three felonies in voter fraud case. The charges follow an investigation into a UPS Store being used as his address when voting. https://t.co/4G2WI6Us1K

Virginia GOP congressman tests positive for coronavirus https://t.co/GcQ45zk6hK

"At this moment 36 years ago I was in a Houston Emergency Room. My back was broken & I was paralyzed for life. We all face difficult challenges that we can overcome. Never give up." @GregAbbott_TX tweets video promoting positivity, hope. https://t.co/YNqzfAAVDZ

"Now I understand somebody local, they want to prosecute these people. It’s a disgrace." @realDonaldTrump condemns treatment of St. Louis couple who pulled guns on protesters. https://t.co/ZxwQJms3dx

'Nakedly illegal behavior': China condemns Hong Kong pro-democracy primary https://t.co/I4nCKLXqvz

"Resign." @realDonaldTrump's niece says that would be her one message to him after gag order lifted. https://t.co/CDCeyJsoGs

“We’re getting to the point where we’re just overwhelmed — emotionally, physically exhausted." Hospitalization rates in new coronavirus hot spots, such as California, Texas, and Florida, threaten to exceed hospital capacity. https://t.co/ATTcbgE7fH

The @GOP convention in Jacksonville is facing a shortage of Republicans. https://t.co/UXxUlS5lnE

She also claims that President Trump and his ex-wife Ivana Trump said they would disown and disinherit their son @DonaldJTrumpJr if he joined the Army. https://t.co/ceDNGWMp3j

Mary Trump claims that @realDonaldTrump paid someone to take the SATs for him. The @WhiteHouse called that assertion "completely false." https://t.co/SvNZ8vl95r

A judge has released Mary Trump, the president's niece, to speak freely about her family in the lead-up to the release of her book, Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. https://t.co/rfdYlBwKNG

"If you're in the Oval Office today, what would you tell [@realDonaldTrump]?" Mary Trump: “Resign.” https://t.co/x3PQekCc24

.@GovTimWalz extends virus emergency through August 12. https://t.co/kd9bfFmkBF

Los Angeles Times columnist recommends replacing the Star-Spangled Banner, who deemed it a "racist" national anthem, with "Lean on Me." https://t.co/UDlifc00AB

Pandemic accelerates the death of malls https://t.co/ukma15pzLN

.@Acosta: "I've never seen a president turn the Rose Garden into a campaign rally in the way that [@realDonaldTrump] did over the last more than an hour. This was obviously the campaign rally he wanted to have in [NH]... The myths, the lies, the stretching of the truth." https://t.co/QMZ1BFugj8

The Lincoln Project fired @BenHowe over attempts at humor on Twitter several years ago. @TianaTheFirst is stunned that they'd fire him, but keep Confederate flag-toting Rick Wilson. https://t.co/A0Dk3YvyHu

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