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shitposting children's book author. ADHD anxiety asshole dad. He/him. I made this:

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I feel like just picking a random profession daily and posting horrible baseless shit about it for a solid day so people understand what it feels like to be a scientist right now.

Anyone else having bad asthma here in LA because of crematorium smoke

And a special request for our audience: in honor of the sea shanty craze and #shantytok, if you want to write a sea shanty inspired by chapter 54, "The Town-Ho's Story," we would LOVE to feature it on the show! Please send your creations to!

Husband just asked me if I gave my brother the same physical manuscript he read and I was like yes, why? Him: oh awkward I underlined all the dirty bits

one direction was right i am insecure

the doc mcstuffins theme song goes so hard

anyone else find it super annoying how sports are pretty much carrying on as usual but the arts have to make a bunch of sacrifices to do stuff

20 hours ago
what’s a food you’ve tried that you thought you would hate but ended up liking?

i’ll go first, rice pudding and panna cotta

what’s a food you’ve tried that you thought you would hate but ended up liking? i’ll go first, rice pudding and panna cotta

when the packers lost i immediately received 5 condolence texts & it was unfortunately a great way to guage my overall mental stability

Sure, some things I jokingly say to my wife could put my life in danger, but I know she won't really kill me There's no way she'd let me lie down that long

Now that's over, back to my drafts from 5yrs ago.

If I could have any superpower in the world, it would be the ability to put my kids to bed without leaving the sofa

me: i’m going to take a long twitter break also me: *logging on two hours later* it’s been years

LEGO you think you can just put "go" on the end of words and that makes it belong to you but PREGO is about to spaghetti whomp your rectangle ass motherfucker.

If you don’t have a bed frame you can’t have monsters under your bed

godzilla: lol KING kong, a little pretentious aren’t we king kong: oh you’re one to talk

“once covid is over” is starting to sound a lot like “your dad just went out for cigarettes.”

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