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i've found that the best and worst part of writing a book is that you can write lots of words (like so many) and they'll just sit there for an eternity before other people read them

think if we could all really, truly process the scale of suffering, most might act differently. for some ppl now it’s willful ignorance. for others, it’s just hard to maintain adequate horror & anxiety & outrage for months and months. anyhow, this is just 1 component of many.

think some has to do with nature of this particular illness. the way its effects vary on ppl. the way deaths happen out of sight in hospitals. it is just harder for people to process. burning buildings/natural disasters will always evoke more alarm bc the damage is more tangible

Quoted @conor64

The slow pace of vaccinations is the biggest failure of American institutions in my lifetime. Bigger than the Iraq War, bigger than 9/11. The deaths pile up daily and I see nothing close to adequate urgency among federal, state, or local leaders.

i don’t know that i agree with these comparisons but i think broadly this inadequate vax response is one part of what happens when you become almost desensitized to the number of deaths. if we all were able to put deaths and suffering in context might be different

Quoted @NateSilver538

New York State and New York City now above-average in the share of vaccine doses distributed. But California ranks dead last among US states.

New York State and New York City now above-average in the share of vaccine doses distributed. But California ranks dead last among US states.

feel like CA’s just gotta put those suckers in the back of a pickup truck and roll up to places with lots of essential workers and just start jabbin or something i mean really anything but what they seem to be doing is better

Quoted @pomeranian99

Very good news here -- a drug that's already widely available and in use for decades was found, in a large (and double-blind, placebo-controlled) study to significantly reduce bad outcomes from COVID-19, both in hospitalized and non-hospitalized cases

hey hey some possible news here that doesn't make me recoil in fear!

i kind of don't believe that anyone on either side of the biden watchgate argument actually cares much about any of it. i sort of think that its just the combination of a lot of reflexes firing at the same time but not even remotely proportional to participants' actual feelings

lol i went to go back and find the article's paywalled and the only words you can read are "larry king is back"

anyhow what i’m trying to say is it seemed like he wasn’t precious about anything and that’s cool. also journalism is cool because it puts you in batshit situations

anyhow at the end he was like, ‘ok gotta go. all that was off the record!’ and i was like, ‘wait we never even talked about your show!’ & he was like, we’ll figure it out!’ & disappeared. and his handler person just shrugged and followed him and i was pretty sure i’d be fired lol

i do not remember the particulars of the stories because they were long and rambling but i was mesmerized by how little he gave a shit about everything. numerous times he’d get a call on a flip phone and shout like 4 words into it and hang up. like in a movie. amazing stuff.

at my 1st reporting job i was given an assignment to interview larry king for his new streaming show and i showed up at his hotel and he was like let’s eat lunch! and so i ate lunch with him for THREE hours and he just asked me questions about the internet and told stories

i spend so much time tweeting and usually the absolute worst experience on this platform is to have a tweet go even semi-viral lol

i also realize this is WAYYYYYY too intense for a comment about a silly meme. but idk i just really have grown to dislike the internet's scale.

and it feels like everyone wants to light the fire's really exciting! and powerful! and it makes you feel alive! but the end result is always kinda hollow, i think. you have fun and then you look at a burned out field and it feels kinda empty.

FB's Sandberg January 14: "...I think these events were largely organized on platforms that don't have our abilities to stop hate and don't have our standards and don't have our transparency."

anyhow, i hate that part of it. i realize it's part of what makes it so transformative. basically the core of what also makes it great. but i really really really resent it.

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