Only have this to follow MMA and talk MMA. Also enjoys podcasts and long walks on the beach🌞🌴

Northwest Indiana
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#LoopDaddy Here’s a song for you… Work That Ass for Daddy by Marc Rebillet

Slow cooker chili and Rambo First Blood. Damn life feels good right now!

Its officially chili season 😋🔥

Its officially chili season 😋🔥

Well im officially looking for jobs and homes in Florida. Gnna be an interesting couple of months. Looking forward to what's next

5 days ago

@danawhite Maia when asked if he still wants to fight Khamzat

Im picking Jan>Reyes. Just a feeling #UFCVegas11

I'm gnna say a prayer for Demian Maia real quick 😩🙏🏻 #UFCVegas11

Well Damn... 👀 👀 👀 #UFCVegas11

If you say Colby is corny, but Tyron isnt, I forsure dont trust you. #UFCVegas11

Looks like my prayers for @blurry_derp have been answered. My boy will live to see another fight 🙏🏻 #UFCVegas11

What Bloody Elbow zoom meetings are like.

What Bloody Elbow zoom meetings are like.

Twitter is only cool during the fights TBH #UFCVegas11

Yikesssss Mirsad Bektic gotta be SICK right now having a man with a hairline like that screaming in your face like that smfh that’s tough

Is it wrong that i loved Felder and Cruz getting into it about the knee and the ref? #UFCVegas11

This card is making me MOIST #UFCVegas11

Person on twitter: Cant believe everyone bullying (___). This is unacceptable behavior. SHAME Same person: I hope youre proud of yourself (___). Low life POS, you should die. Serious question... WTF is wrong with y'all smh

Man, what's happened to Twitter thr last several months? This shit isn't even fun anymore tbh. Some of y'all need a REAL hobby

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