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Staying strong in a lustful world isn't easy. The Conquer Series, a battle plan for purity, helping men break free from sexual sin.

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"On June 24, 2020, the U.S. Navy banned service personnel from a variety of activities. Among the prohibitions were shopping at non-essential retail stores, going to the movies, and even attending indoor church services." #coronavirus #Military

"With options to host both in-person and virtual small groups, borders that once existed between the body of Christ are being torn down." #soulrefiner #churches #smallgroups

"As the Church, we cannot scream injustice when one is murdered, but offer praise when another is exploited. Churches cannot effectively deal with issues of race while ignoring the fact that 68% of the men in their congregation..." #conquerseries #racism

"God asked me to embark on my own personal healing journey. I did not resist; I just couldn’t. The lives of my children were on the line, and I was tired of not really knowing who I was." #FathersDay #Legacy #ConquerSeries

"The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, also known as RAINN, reported a 22% increase in calls from persons under the age of 18 during the month of March." #conquerseries #COVID19 #children

"Studies have found that most churches often feel ill-equipped to deal with the challenges that are arising as a result of our highly sexualized culture." #conquerseries #church #leadership

"Sometimes we are restored with God, but never fully restored in our human relationships. This is hard. Harder than you ever imagined." #conquerseries #restoration #relationships

"One major website’s spokesperson shared that they are, “…benefitting from the ‘fractures’ in couples’ relationships that are likely being ‘amplified dramatically’ as spouses are stuck at home together.”" #COVID19 #conquerseries

"A silent war is raging all around the world. The intended targets are unsuspecting, vulnerable, and innocent children who will be lured into child pornography." #conquerseries #Children #veterans

"Even if your small groups have disbanded temporarily, you can still make a conscious effort to reach out to others. For those in recovery from porn addiction, this will have to become a daily priority for you." #conquerseries #coronavirus #COVIDー19

"Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska is now calling upon the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate PornHub and the allegations of streaming videos depicting violent rape, trafficking, and child pornography." #Petition #HumanTrafficking

"These three men took a surprising approach to finding freedom from porn." #conquerseries #freedom #TestimonyTuesday

One major porn website recently shared its 2019 statistics, and the results will likely shock you. #ConquerSeries #Statistics #Healing

"Beginning to recognize ‘cues’ or “triggers” that cause you to seek out behavior that offers a reward is key to turning the tides on an addiction—and your addiction to porn is similar to other kinds of addiction." #conquerseries #addictionrecovery #habits

"Remember, God is faithful in all things. Today can be the day that your feet are finally set on the path to freedom." #conquerseries #FridayMotivation #freedom

"First responders arriving on scene found that the driver, who hit the teen's vehicle head-on, had been viewing pornography on his cell phone at the time of impact." #conquerseries #Accident #addiction

"Yes, while the honeymoon stage of marriage is present, a struggle with pornography may go into hibernation. But eventually, it will resurface." #conquerseries #addiction #marriage

"Remember, ignoring a problem will not cause it to disappear. Instead, it creates space for escalation. And this is exactly what is happening in our society in regards to women viewing porn." #women #conquerseries #church

"The world wants nothing more than to educate our children about sex, and we know that the world is under the control of Satan (1 John 5:19)." #conquerseries #parenting #teenager

"The world got a front-row seat in how deeply porn has weaved its way into the fabric of life and how seared our conscience has become to its dehumanizing presence." #conquerseries #SuperBowlHalftimeShow #SuperBowl

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