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You know how choices be

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In my life i been thru it i have hurt ive ive cried so many tears over so many things but these last thousand or so tears ill always remember these cus they are for GEORGE FLOYD

Fitness >>>>>>>>>> getting high. No comparison


Once #Capricorn love somebody or something, it becomes part of their being. #AstrologyFacts

Running is life..... Life is running ......CATCH IT? 117

Today is a day to evaluate priorities and be thankful for what you got shit tuff tho

Cant get shit done wit this caronavirus shit flyin around fuck that im tryin get rite rite now no time for this

Don’t run into arms that aren’t ready to hold you.

Centered looking at zen gardens and fillin out a request to be able to have one in here maybe ...... Everything is rite with the world

Just cuz yu quit somethin dont mean you gotta be against it now you lost 100 lbs but yo dont hate doughnuts now yu smoked pot for 11 years yu grew out of it yu dont hate bob marley now smh how bout that aint my thing but different strokes rite

when people tell me i should smile more and cuss less. um, yeah, ok.

when people tell me i should smile more and cuss less. um, yeah, ok.

Conditional love shouldnt be considered love there should be a diff word for it cuz its almost worthless

When niggaz feel bad for yu but yu know for a fact they should envy yu if anything... Fact is Your gonna be at least ok #solid

Yu cant be real forgiving or people just gonna forget or not realize they hurt yu sometimes yu gotta take it there so they know they hurt yur feelings facts

Dont get it twisted im playin the game but im never gonna be what yu niggas want and im not even gonna try neither

When ur family member finally come out the closest support them 💪🏾 luv u cuz live ur truths

Special thanks to @cnustfu75 and @SuckAtUsernames for holding a nigga down and being true friends when i needed it most i would die for yu ladies for life 117

Oh they let yu keep yur phone here and leave from 9 to 9 first day say less

Welp bout to show up to this butt ass halfway house if i go mia im back in prison where i belong or they dont let yu have phones in there smh i guess im doin the rite thing

Welp on the way back to the halfway house in Pittsburgh i made the rite choice 117

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