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EXCLUSIVE: @DisneyPlus’ Hawkeye Recasting Mockingbird

#Hawkeye #DisneyPlus #Mockingbird #agentsofshield

the reason I don’t see this being true is that Agents of Shield’s main casting director was Sarah Finn, who is also the casting director for Marvel Studios.

@comicaccuracy The movies that Spider-Man are in where the focus is around iron man are somehow his best appearances.... but the movies about Spider-Man separating himself from iron man are the worst bc he’s a sidekick....

I really think Spider-Man was at his best when his only role in the movie was to help Iron Man

Megan: Tory shot me. Meg’s Hospital Records: She got shot here & the fragments are here, here & here. Public Records: Tory was arrested for being in possession of the gun that Meg was shot with. Tory: No i didn’t Y’all: I KNEW HE WAS INNOCENT. SHE AINT EVEN GET SHOT FOR REAL.

Wesley Snipes did mad years in prison for tax evasion and Trump probably won’t do a day. Cold world.

That female characters can be muscular?

Quoted @caIImemyron

“these 2000 babies are weird as fuck”

“these 2000 babies are weird as fuck”

y’all was eating tide pods. sit this one out

Quoted @thehill

#BREAKING: Trump went 10 years without paying income taxes, paid just $750 in income taxes in 2016 and 2017

#BREAKING: Trump went 10 years without paying income taxes, paid just $750 in income taxes in 2016 and 2017

This man out here talking about the “Art of the Deal”. Little did we know the art of the deal was tax fraud.

People that complain about Black People replacing white actors for voice roles of black characters are seriously missing the point

SCOOP: Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won. He paid just $750 in 2017, his first year in office. And he paid no income taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years. ⁦@russbuettner⁩ ⁦@susannecraig⁩ ⁦@mmcintire


I fear for film criticism when people think Peter Parker learned the same lesson in Homecomign and Far From Home

Peter literally was his own hero from the beginning, it’s literally why he was recruited by tony.

Quoted @koryverse

DCEU opinions that will get you this reaction

DCEU opinions that will get you this reaction

Shazam is such an mid movie that people praise as great because it isn’t horrible and isn’t BVS

Quoted @TheCBMCringe

Can people stop acting like MCU Spider-man movies are good. The story ain't interesting at all all the characters a boring and assholes. You idiots only like it cause of the pretty colors you fucking imbeciles.

Man is this account garbage. Lol

Quoted @FilmTVPolls

What #filmtwitter opinions do you have that make people do this?

The actual people with film talent and knowledge aren’t a part of film twitter

Quoted @FilmTVPolls

What #filmtwitter opinions do you have that make people do this?

Superhero movies are great, and it’s not bad to have them as your favourite films.

imagine auditioning for the role of a major superhero and you get a phone call saying you got the part and then you show up to the preproduction rooms for Titans

Let me be clear, if you’re supporting an administration & a president who is openly racist, sexist, xenophobic, cares nothing for my son’s future planet, we have nothing left to say to one another & have an inability to “understand” you. This goes for extended family too.

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