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Another first-time All-American! Way to go @colin_enz

I was fine with this coronatine until they took the rims off the basketball hoops #toofarTony

Hey Siri play “Static” by The Television

@colin_enz kid will be the 5th grade spelling bee champ. Putting 500 down now

I can make a frozen pizza better than anyone else in the country.

Now that the Heartland Trophy is secured, I just wanna put this out there from the Rusty Toolbox game

Take notes @PatrickMahomes

October and November sports absolutely destroy every other aspect of my life. Can’t wait :)

Colin Enz
10 months ago

My professor just said accounting is like a contact sport. Well accounting just lowered its shoulder and gave me a mouth full of dirt.

This may come as a shock to some of you but I don’t think Joe Flacco will win a Super Bowl with the Broncos. I’m 97% sure of this.

I birdied a par 3 today. Not many people can say that.

Cold. Blooded. Assassin.

Three straight Taylor Swift songs on shuffle. My phone just gets me.

Last desk pop: September 08


Congrats to our DMR squad on their #B1GTF 🥇!

BIG TEN CHAMPIONS‼️ Congrats to our DMR squad on their #B1GTF 🥇!

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