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#CokeStudio12 presents Harsakhiyan in Tiri Pawanda, reincarnating poetry by Shaikh Ayaz that wraps the experience of seperation, and the accompanying hope of reunion, in images of nature and flowers.

#CokeStudio12 presents Harsakhiyan in Tiri Pawanda, reincarnating poetry by Shaikh Ayaz that wraps the experience of seperation, and the accompanying hope of reunion, in images of nature and flowers.

#CokeStudio12 brings an incarnation of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry in the voice of @itsaadee with Aaye Kuch Abr. Speaking of solitude and finding personal solace in life’s little pleasures, a space for one to find the common humanity in one's own experiences.

Newcomer Kashif Din is joined by Coke Studio backing vocalist @nimra_official in Bo Giyam, fusing Burushaski and Urdu in a song bemoaning the disappointment of unrequited love. #CokeStudio12

In Tiri Pawanda, three sisters sing verses written by Shaikh Ayaz, which speak of separation, and the hope of reunion. Go behind the scenes with Harsakhiyan, as they invite #CokeStudio12 into their home, and lend their voices to the canvas of this season

Giving expression to a silence within himself,@itsaadee sings Aaye Kuch Abr, written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz about finding solace in life's pleasures. Go behind the scenes at #CokeStudio12 as Atif explores the personal meaning this ghazal holds for him.

Kashif Din takes the stage with Bo Giyam, a Burushashki song that fuses the traditional music of his home with contemporary sounds. Watch as Kashif travels to #CokeStudio12 from the moutains of Hunza, bringing this duet to life with @nimra_official

#CokeStudio12 presents Mram Mram, a song that is descended from the musical heritage of Iran. Recreated in the voice of Shamali Afghan, Mram Mram's Pashto lyrics speak of heartbreak and the cruelty of an unkind beloved.

Newcomer Shamali Afghan comes to #CokeStudio12 with Mram Mram, the Pashto rendition of a folk Farsi song. In this behind the scenes footage, dive into the story of how both artist and song have made their way to Coke Studio.

#CokeStudio12 presents Daachi Waaliya, a song that carries with it flavors of rural Punjab and the rhythm of a camel's gait. @Hadiqa_Kiani turns this classic, folk tune into a contemplative piece on the nature of love.

#CokeStudio12 presents the tale of Heer-Ranjha, brought to life in the voice of @RFAKWorld and @TheAimaBaig . In a musical style that is new to his repertoire, Khan Sahab modernises this centuries-old saga, bringing it to the Heers and Ranjhas of today.

#CokeStudio12 presents Balma, a thumri with simple, sincere poetry that expresses the restlessness of a broken heart. @FarihaPervez voice turns Balma's poetry to music within an ambient soundscape.

Fariha Pervez returns to Coke Studio to lend her voice to the melodies of love that have colored this season's canvas. Join her as she explores her relationship with music on #CokeStudio12 in this exclusive behind the scenes footage. @FarihaPervez

With poetry composed by Sachal Sarmast, Sanam Marvi graces #CokeStudio12 in Hairaan Hua, a celebration of the Ultimate Beauty of the Divine, and the love and wonder it inspires in His devotees.

Returning to #CokeStudio12 in Dhola, @sahiralibagga and @TheAimaBaig celebrate the joy and vulnerability of being in love in a conversation between two companions who have vowed to be give each other their hearts.

Ali Sethi takes the stage on #CokeStudio12 in Gulon Main Rang, a ghazal by Faiz Ahmed Faiz that weaves multiple layers of meanings within images of blossoming springtime and romantic yearning. @alisethimusic

Sanam Marvi gives voice to the poetry of Sachal Sarmast in Hairaan Hua, singing verses layered with symbolism. Watch behind the scenes, as Sanam Marvi invites us to delve into these hidden meanings in the song. #CokeStudio12

A conversation between two lovestruck companions, Dhola celebrates the joy and vulnerability of romance. Catch @TheAimaBaig and @sahiralibagga as they take on new vocal characters to bring this fun and light-hearted story to life on #CokeStudio12.

Written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and first sung by Mehdi Hassan Khan, Gulon Mein Rang showcases the magic when poetry is married to music. Step behind the scenes with @alisethimusic as he strives to create his own rendition of this iconic ghazal on #CokeStudio12

In poetic verses composed by Hazrat Amir Khusrow, Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad grace the canvas of #CokeStudio12 in Aadam, taking us on a journey that celebrates mankind's connection to music, declaring it to be nothing less than our Divine inheritance.

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