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highkey can't wait for the fall and colder days

I’ve been in a bikini all day and these are the vibes I’m livin for ☀️

Women w big natural tiddies be like you literally don’t want these huge volumptious tiddles. My back hurts from carrying around my fucking juicy bouncing bosoms all day. It sucks that I have big hot sex cleavage in every shirt. I wish I looked like a little ugly boy like u:(

I want my kids to be so comfortable talking to me that the first thing they think when they’re in some kind of trouble or mess up is “I need to call my mama” and not “my mama is gonna be so mad with me”

People really out here throwing shade and then act victim the second you throw it back 🥴

ICE is threatening to deport international students because their school is going online??? as if they chose online school???? as if we aren’t in the middle a global pandemic???? with my whole entire chest, FUCK ICE

Just fyi, just because someone is your “family” doesn’t mean you have to deal with their shit.

Hearing people say “forever and ever babe” MAKES ME CRINGE so hard. There, I said it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 days ago

Maybe 2020 will be like a mullet, and we party on the back half of it.

i did not get much sleep last night. because of your sky booms. to make up for this. i will be extending all snoozles. by 15 percent. for the rest of the year

11 days ago
me every evening:

nobody: me every evening:

T-pain be like “I know a spot” and then put you in a mansion somewhere in Wiscansin

Don’t allow comparing yourself make you cold & jealous. There is enough success for everyone. Be happy for thriving people. Acknowledging someone else’s beauty doesn’t diminish your own. Being happy for someone else’s success doesn’t mean you aren’t successful or can’t be.

God removes and God replaces.

I like wearing a mask, no grown man has asked me to smile in months.

My biggest flex: being a mom 💙

heavy on the self improvement right now, it’s really me vs me.

introvert be like "I know a spot" and then go home

God speaks to you without using words. LISTEN.

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