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We looked inside some of the tweets by @cinemasins and here's what we found interesting.

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You can pre-order my next book now. It's due in September and speaks to the consequences of choosing to be a hero, PTSD, speech class, therapy & mental health, nightmares, and oh... being disabled, of course. You can pre-order it here.

Um. Hi, Blue Check Twitter. You guys are awesome. You make the world go round and I would never say a bad word about you. Welcome back to Twitter. Nothing to see here.

Blue Checks think CinemaSins videos are funny.

Blue Checks double dip the chip.

The Blue Checks canceled Firefly.

Blue Checks eat too many carbs.

Blue Checks buy Kanye merch and then litter.

Blue Checks order their steak cooked well-done.

Canned hamburgers are a thing, and they are gross AF. Just google it people.

Blue Checks eat canned hamburgers and laugh at The Big Bang Theory.

Blue Checks hate bunnies.

Blue Checks killed Dumbledore.

Blue Checks think they are the bee's knees; have never heard of Item 9.

Blue checks are cake.

Blue checks are cake.

Blue Checks are Sneeches with stars upon thars.

Quoted @wonderprodyt

@kamorigoat @louisvk They can only retweet or tweet things that were already in the drafts. We are still running the site

Is this true?!

Quoted @nerdist


They're back. Everyone scatter!

I don't have any *proof* that blue checkmarks are the Zodiac killer, but I don't see any of them denying it right now.

If you're a blue checkmark and you're not a nerd... tweet about it right now!

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