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I think I'm funny but who knows

Just kidding i know im funny
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Like I am mentally exhausted and I will not waste my energy on explaining something to you when google can do it.

Does someone ever say/ask something that is just ugh... GOOGLE IS FREE YA KNOW.

Bro the twins are 20.... my mind is still stuck on them being 19 😳 I gtg

This is the type of response people wanted with the Shane and jeffree drama. I’m speechless


Omg now I wanna watch here comes honey boo boo. HOW CAN I BINGE WATCH IT

The universe was so tired of all of y’all talking about summer 2016 so it said “imma make you remember the whole year of 2020” and boom.... that’s what we got.

Not y’all bringing Tiktok trends on twitter....

*on my phone in my room with all the lights off* My mom: yOuR rEaDiNg iN tHe DaRk Bro my phones literally a source of light not a hardcover book

I had to deal with not having a pop socket on for two days and I was struggling. How is it having big enough hands to hold your phone with one hand without dropping it huh?

Bees release venom when they sting you- I will never tell someone to not be afraid of bees again

Yeah that’s gonna be a no from me

I truly don’t know what Grayson tweets could mean with Ethan but if I have to....I will throw hands when needed.

Why do babies be sticking their tongue out for so much

The fact I had to register to vote my senior year of high school but I was only 15 at the time is crazy.... I did that and my voter status is active. Catch me at the polls

The bar is truly below sea level. Maybe it’s even in the core of the earth.

Other countries truly are ahead of America in some aspects....idk why y’all consider America the best when they treat people like crap

If my future husband doesn’t watch tangled with me whenever I’m sad...I don’t wanna him

The people who comment “you didn’t use my caption 😠” under peoples Instagram posts are the ones who peaked in high school

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